Audio stops and locks device


im having an issue when im playing audio from tidal subscription in that it usually stops after about 30 mins or so , and after it stops playing it locks up whichever device i am using at the time and have to switch it off to find it agin in the Naim App, also when i get to reconnect , i have to then switch off or select radio on any other device if i want to steam to them using the party mode .

ive set tidal to high and not hifi in the Naim App as i had read this somewhere … i can steam from my local storage device (synology NAS), using HQ FLAC with no issues for hours , i dont have any other music subs to test with

My devices are Muso qb x2 and Muso all first gen

ive got 1 Muso QB connect directly at the router , 1 over Wifi and one connected using powerline adapters

i know the powerline adapters can cause overheads , but they are running at over 150mbs and it happens with the unit that is directly connected to the router through ethernet

any suggestions

should have mentioned , no problems playing directly to any device using Bluetooth using tidal or Spotify (Free), plays seamlessly until you stop it …so looks as if its only with the naim app and tidal… which is a bummer as was liking the idea of centralizing it all

Paddy, have you been in contact with Naim Tech Support yet?

Hi richard ,

i haven’t contacted them as yet , i thought i would try the forums and see first

but i will log a call with them now