Audio synthèse in Paris

I see they are still going. They repaired my LP12 that was damaged when shipped from the USA in 1990. Are there any recommendations as a Linn dealer? LP12 service springs to mind in the coming years.

Probably @Yeti knows. Audio synthèse is the main Linn dealer in Paris. I went to listen to some gear at their place already. But I don’t know if they are good or not for repairing or servicing.

Ok many thanks. As I said it was M. Vedel who repaired my turntable. I was a great deal younger then travelling from Versailles where we lived for 8 months to their old shop with an LP12 under my arm on the RER and Metro😁. Next time it will be possibly TGV est and Metro

No idea I’m afraid, the only Linn I’ve owned was their Basic cartridge back in the 80s.

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An Lp12 on your arm in the metro ! Whouah ! I imagine your fear at that time.
I live in Versailles. Maybe we have walked very near one day in the street ? Studio hifi was existing already ?

But you know a shop in Paris who seems to be very knowledgeable on the turntables and cartridges world. They rebuilt your own cart. Maybe they can service an Lp12 ?

We lived in rue Victor Bart. Our daughter was born there as well with my wife and her in the clinic while I was just down the road at the chateau for the Versailles music festival with fountains and fireworks quite enjoyable. It was a short lived experience where we got acquainted with Paris and surroundings before moving to Toulouse.

I think the trip to Audio Synthèse required some walking where we maybe avoided the Metro. Can’t remember exactly. They also fitted a new Ittok LVIII and Linn MM cart. From what I remember they were thorough in their work and nice to deal with. Then again I was much less fussy in those days🤣

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I am working as co director in the school rue Victor Bart. But the children are more from the poor buildings down the street. Toulouse is very nice too :+1:

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Ana Mighty Sound, who did a great job on my Proteus and are vinyl enthusiasts but I didn’t see a Linn in their Paris shop among all the exotica, it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
They’re in the 20th and not near the metro. It was a bus from Gare de Lyon and walk for ten minutes or so. Visits are by appointment and there’s no shop front as such but they respond to Email readily enough.

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Don’t misunderstood my post. Rue Victor Bart has also very nice houses . The school is at the end top of the street, in the very nice area.

No worries. It was a temporary stay before moving to Toulouse which was planned. We lived in an appartment at number 1 at the intersection of two roads. It was rather a nice appartment for our needs and 8 months

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