Audiolab DC Block 6

Anyone any thoughts on this DC blocker. I have terrible mains (in an old barn so a dedicated spur is out of the question at this time). I’ve tried a iFi blocker and it worked a treat on my cap, stopped 90% of the hum. So would this treat the whole system at once or is it not. It’s a lot cheaper than getting all the PS a separate iFi and a lot more tidy!

Thoughts? :).

I‘d keep the ifi if you know that it works and plug it into a mains distribution block. I have tried 2 other DC blockers in my system and one of them did not have any effect whatsoever.

It looks like this has some filtering in it. Naim do not recommend any conditioning filters.

You could try plugging a standard, but decent quality, mains block into the DC Blocker and then plug the components into that.


Look up Puritan … they do a fantastic power bar that has filtering tech which does not compress the sound in any way whatsoever. I have a block with 12 Furutech sockets

I already use a Titan Audio mains block to 1 socket (removable lead), but the Maximum rating of the iFi is >7A, continuous current rating 4A. So not enough for a whole system. I’d have to get 6 units! Your right about the filtering though - I might wait for these to hit the second hand market and give one a shot. If SQ goes down then it will be easy to sell on.

Puritan look superb, however much more expensive than the audiolab, that money would be going on other upgrades first as worst case sinario I can live with the hum at the moment.

I have a 6-output 10A Puritan with DC-blocker and will support this. No negative effects on anything - Melco, Linn DSM or 135s.


The Audiolab is only 350 though - bargain if any good. All the others are the money bracket I’d be looking at putting towards component upgrades :).

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Well took a risk and got one.It’s quite alarming seeing the voltage from the mains going up and down but… it works - zero hum from the all power supplies and the amps (well you can hear a little with your ear right next to the unit, but not from 3 meters away like before! I had the iFi blocker previously and this only removed 50%. The sound seems to be a little tighter in the bass (which is a good thing with my room), however, this might be just percieved. Very happy with this affordable unit!


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