Audiophile plug fuses

Has anyone tried using audiophile mains fuses in the equipment mains lead plugs ?
If so, what difference did they make - if any ?

I’ve got these.


AMR gold fuse.

If you research online there are quite a few options at not crazy ££s. At £20 a fuse to perhaps dip a toe or three in the water.

I found they made a little difference. Making the soundstage seem more inky black and further back from the plane of the speakers with a little more cohesion when things get more dynamic.
I would recommend a try for a simple set up for sure.

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I hear footsteps of armies on the move.


Powering off the kit for 10 minutes to change the fuse probably made the difference

SR Orange and then to purple

Going to orange was massive most notably in the mids and a much wider soundstage


Here we go again……

The magic word for plug top fuses is BS1362.


We should have a shootout, AMR vs Bussmann, gold plated vs silver vs standard.

I’ll leave it to you guys …… :sleeping:

I don’t see the magic word on that AMR box

Looking into the blurb, I note they are approved to UL SA PSE CE CCC, but not to BS.
These are European, US & Canadian standards. They seem more focused on the low amp fuses such as found in the Naim glass types, no real mention as such about the UK 13A plugs which are only BS1362


Just having BS1362 printed on a fuse sadly does not guarantee that it complies; we are awash with fake fuses on sale on places like ebay, amazon etc… that have BS1362 printed on them.

A general warning here; please be very careful and ensure that you only fit genuine BS1362 compliant fuses to UK plug tops. Anything else is potentially unsafe. The best way to ensure you only buy genuine fuses is to only purchase from bona fide trusted electrical retailer or wholesaler sources.


Whilst re-instating my system, I took the opportunity to check and clean the plugs and fuses.

All the PowerLines had Marbo or SEM and looked genuine following reviews of other posts.

I did change one one on a Mark Grant cable which had an after market fuse fitted. Getting a replacement 5A fuse and I chose a SEM from my box of spares, so used that.

I also took the opportunity to check my spare fuses and did throw out some fuses with some iffy looking large dimples.

I also found some of these that had some incorrect markings on them.

These have now been disposed of as WEEE waste along with the other fuses.

Fortunately, upon checking the other household fuses, which had 5A fuses, they were OK.


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