Audiophilia madness/ pics or posters

Some of this stuff would deprecate so quickly it’d be worth more as scrap, some simply wouldn’t sell at all. Most of it your significant other half wouldn’t allow it in the house.

The Jeff Koons rabbit sold for $93 Million a few months ago. :roll_eyes:


Agreed ridiculous price, but it still looked like a rabbit. :grin:


Ok maybe not :thinking:

I’m pretty much in agreement with you here. If I could have the whole system invisible, I’d do it. The nearest I can think of that’s achievable is to have nothing but a pair of speakers and a wireless access point in the listening room, and the rack hiding in a storeroom.

I did that with a new home in 2002 time frame. Plasma display above the fireplace, Yamaha av receiver, dvd player etc. hidden in a cabinet, 5.1 surround with front and rear speakers as in-wall flush mounts. Subwoofer. Programmable unified remote control. In a big 20 feet x 20 feet room.

It was awful in every way.

Not exactly what I had in mind!!

i hide also the tv stuff, router, …but i like to see my system components. It’s my audiophilia weakness i suppose.

ART and AUDIO. how to try to have positive WAF.
or fail…

image image image

Good grief. The world’s gone mad.

This stuff probably has a wow factor for a bit and then after a while it just look silly. A black box can just blend in.

the people who buy that are often changing their decoration, stuff…like normal people their shirts. :sunglasses:

What redecorating every month?

the sofas, paintings, tables, hifi stuff… cars…

Yes, changed my mind. :blush: Marvellous.

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a good advertising for the Mcintosh 1200w mono power amps. Probably some Dubai crazy rich man will install that in his house, with some tigers walking around the speakers.


Pivetta Only amp: 160 000 W. 2,2 millions dollars.

No better Hi Fi cartoonist than Mr. Rodrigues

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