Audiophilia madness/ pics or posters

Audio bars were very common in Japan until maybe 15 years ago. I still visit them but purely for a cuppa and a slice of cake.

They don’t have great acoustics, but LP12 are common along with big sensitive speakers and valve amps. The problem is every last goddam mike foxtrotting one is fed by a purely Jazz collection.

I can’t bloody stand Jazz.

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Sounds like nirvana to me ! :grinning:


I had lunch in Spiritland King’s Cross about 18 mints ago celebrating a 60th. The music was quiet and the sound quality wasn’t particularly good due to that, but the little Tannoy speakers in the toilets were very good.

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tannoy in the toilets? whouah!

Spirit land, Kings Cross - London, a Good venue and I have been to a few musical evenings there.
The Hi-Fi is impressive if a bit larger than life sounding.

japanese jazz café ( coffee jazz shops)


acoustic isolation madness



I think these boys led the way for the removal of graphic equalisers, tone controls and loudness buttons. Little did they know that their frustration with useless buttons that nobody….err….used and destroyed SQ would lead to the Nait.:grinning:


am and fm: radio in the morning and in the afternoon. :rofl:
I hope most dealers are more competent today than this caricature of the Ayushi stereo demo. Perhaps not much more competent sometimes…

enormous records shops:

Los Angeles



Amoeba Records
Been there - great place, could see spending like 3 hours buying CDs
They have vinyl too

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some years ago it would be audio nirvana for me! I was traveling specially to London or Bruxelles to buy some vinyls.
Los Angeles is too far, but i would like too. Not only for lps of course.

Shame that Ameoba LA is closing…They are promising a new location-time will tell

it’s sad . an enormous store like that to be close, why?

the most gigantic audio japan store. here some pics.


Yes and their dem facilities are crap/non existent and the staff know nothing at all. Been there on multiple eye rolling occasions.

Like most Japanese hifi shops, the main value is getting a deal on your points card. Know what you want upfront; have no questions (because you will get no knowledgable answers), and don’t ask for a dem. If you get one it will either be on the shop floor (noisier than a Heathrow terminal) or if your interest breaks the $10k barrier, a non soundproofed room with 100 speakers, pisitioned wrong, all going into a switch box that flips between any amp-speaker combo.

Awful awful awful.

I actually gave up hifi for 13 years when I moved here and flew the the UK to visit a proper dealer.


the pictures themselves show how awful it is. It’s not tempting at all, i agree. You choose components in the same way as vegetables in a supermarket. I imagine however, because have never been there.

Perfect analogy

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