Audiophilia madness/ pics or posters

I new you would approve of the video’s :slight_smile: I dread to think how much everything cost in the second video.

The music was well chosen. It’s like a prosternation towards a God .
The madness is real !

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The music reminded me of Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. Maybe like in the film the listening room should have a secret password to enter - Fidelio.

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That’s the mid-range driver below the tweeter.

They seem to have ‘enhanced’ the bass of this track, as far as I can tell - certainly the versions that I can find on Amazon or Tidal sound very different. I would be interested to know whether this is from a different version from the ones I heard.

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Doesn’t sound that great. You can do much better at the price.

We were discussing about speakers with bass drivers on top. Still not in that case. See the DYNAUDIO Consequence above Bart.

A visit to a personal turntables collection at Unique Audio UK.
Very impressive!







p.s. and a La Luce too, if I’m not mistaken…

Certainly plenty of ways to “skin the cat” as we say in England, when it comes to TT design. At the recent Rega RP10 demo, me and another guy were visually comparing a Nottingham massive TT to the rather full of holes and lightweight material design of the RP10. Totally different design philosophy , but both work well. Sure those pictured sound great, too.

Sometimes simplicity just works.


SPJ Alba and Rockport Sirius, CS Port, SME 30…

I cannot imagine OWNING one of those super-complicated tt’s. I cannot imagine keep the dust off, keeping it adjusted/running properly, and worrying that something is just a little ‘off’ at any given moment. I do appreciate them as art/industrial designs.

I suppose that’s why I’m happy with my RP-8 and Rega generally.

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Yes i had the feeling with the rp10, something to be said for less is more…though i am not a TT expert by any means.

All very nice but I would want (and indeed have) a record deck with a dust cover.

The SME 20 I had before was without dust cover. I was cleaning it very often. I prefer dust cover too, because I am more listening to digital today. The rp10 only 1 day per week.

Sora Showcases from Sora Shop. Make clever and cheap cases. German company, they are flat packed Perspex or similar and made to you own dimensions.


Yes, highly recommended.

I specified and use one for my Audio Desk Vinyl Pro RCM.


Magico S7 with Vitus.



They come with an ugly soft cover now. Keeps the dust out at least.