Audiophilleo2 MK2 + Pure Power - Taking out the trash

So after some major start-up woes, a poor written manual or my understanding, I would say this is a must have for any streaming system, it takes out all the trash (noise), galvanic isolates, reclocks and is powered by battery.

Innuos Zenith (Server/Roon Core) 》》Ethernet 》》 Audiophilleo (Transport) 》》direct BNC to BNC 》》 Naim Nova

For me the setup endgame was to utilise the Innuos Zenith Squeezelite via USB, to play it from memory, the Audiophilleo was purely a way I thought to go from USB to SPDIF.

Listening to a rip of Travis Invisble Man sublimely delicate, intricate details enveloping hauntingly convincing vocals.

The headline is a major step up at a cost but it has transformed my humble one box Nova, more mightier boxes must surely benefit.

I feel the Audiophilleo has transformed pretty much everything, but in one of them sounds sublime and effortless. Even the sound in the hallway and next room sounds clear and crystal.

I felt before the Nova had been squeezed enough, but it’s a cracking one box, I think the Audiophilleo let’s it shine even more, but I would concede a more capable (or is it expensive) DAC/Streamer would excel even more.

I’ve spent over two decades increasing boxes and I would say all aside from Mana supports and going active where subtle enhancements, yes even 82 to 52, but all these little parts add up to a better presentation.

The Server and this Audiophilleo for me are big shifts (upgrades), I still believe the GIGO principle applies, in this case best rip, server and input to the Nova, mean it’s less stressed and gets on with the boogie.

My thought is the Zenith is also shining brightly now.

Makes using tidy Roon a pain now, as for Nova power up I use the Naim app, then Roon, then I’ve realised after going into standby three times the Audiophilleo loses connection with either the Server or Nova, a major pain.

Sometimes it misses first split second of the start of a track, Audiophilleo suggest the error is the DAC

Air - it’s not an inky black background now, its details just floating, I always chased inky blacks now it seems so wrong.

Subtle - Very minor details now gel with the main singer and instruments, very organic.

Bass depth - The bloom has gone and I thought I had already reduced it, the result a solid yet textured bass line(s).

Timing - The sheer PRaT is gorgeous, effortless.

Vocals - I had been using Roon the follow lyrics recently and noticed how muffled main and backing vocals where, now there is no effort crystal clear and backing vocalists come in and out beautifully.

A track by Banks (Contaminated) made me think my speakers had blown before, a shriek type bass line, but now akin to a bolt of lightning.

I’ve been listening all day, thanks to Roon Radio it’s threw deep trance , hardcore trance, rock, r&b and some Latin, about 50/50 tracks in my library the rest from Tidal/Qobuz.

Even old tracks that sounded dull and lifeless now have life to them, odd but it does.

It’s one of them press play and forget it upgrades, not endless searching, skip and back through your library, the Audiophilleo just makes it all shine.

I do not understand.

The nova is already capable of UPNP.

Surely a NAS is all that was needed?

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Me neither.

Most gadgets sound a bit iFI (sic) to me.

I use Blu2 MScalar & DAVE upstairs and found a simple USB cable from Mac mini running JRiver MC was all I needed. It also feeds a Linn DSM downstairs with UPnP via plain old BJC Ethernet. Intervening gadgetry simply added noise. The music simply flows with either system.

Obsydian, i feel that the most important change in your set up is the transport. The innuos zenith transport seems to be better, more silent…vs the nova transport. The audiophileo has its importance without doubt, but the biggest differences must be in the transport change. It’s my strong feeling.

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i feel that you often think the same : cables, powerblocks, usb converters, racks…are all gadgets. It’s a bit tiring, sorry, to read often that.
Have you tested all these gadgets to say with assurance that they bring nothing ?
I have nothing against you, but wanted to say that. Without offense.

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I agree to I’d did say in my post the Zenith is also being allowed to shine and taking advantage of its optimal setup.

With that in mind I think the remaining track delay is and random drop out is due to Roon (Innuos experimental mode), so again coming back to the Zenith I intend to try there recommended remote Orange Squeeze.

Mr friend no offence at all.

On the contrary I would regard my Synergistic Research cables, fuses, supports, crossover XFT all as upgrades not tweaks.

To me substituting the Audiophilleo for the SR Ethernet was an improvement and for me that ultimately the objective, if it sounds better, it is better and no brand hang ups or loyalty.

I’ve tired UPnP via Raspberry PI and a few other solutions, the Audiophilleo with Innuos Zenith has been the best combination by far.

Just my thoughts.

I’m glad for you that your efforts have been rewarded. I’m certainly very very content to have converted my nDAC+555 into a streamer with the addition of the Zenith Mk 2 connected to nDAC by the Audiophilleo + PurePower.


Mr Rooster, absolutely no offence taken. You have different opinions on some matters to me, but you make your points well and I would never take offense.

In this instance, I added support to AnalogMusic, not that he needs it. He’s one of the most thorough and respected members of this forum and has tested many items of equipment from Chord, Linn and Naim as well as cables. I regard his advice as very useful.

For clarity, I don’t mean to say cables, power blocks, usb converters and racks bring nothing as unfortunately they do. We usually want cables, power blocks, usb converters and racks that introduce as little of their own signature as possible though it is true some may prefer colourations. I question the value of boutique ones.

For networking, I use Blue Jeans Cables, but tried cables from AQ, Chord Co & Supra. I heard no difference so chose BJC because of build and value. They’re the best of these regards measuring noise. I’d recommend before buying expensive boutique cables you try BJC. You’ll save money and may be delighted.

For coax I use Canare from Mark Grant with ferrite rings. Mains and speaker cables are studio quality ones from Mark Grant (same wires as used by Abbey Road etc.). My USB is QED reference with ferrite jacket, which looks nice.

USB to S/PDIF convertor is Chord MScaler, within Chord Blu2 CD transport. I have iFi & Sonore gadgets, but don’t find them beneficial. Sonore microRendu fell short on reliability. I’ve heard Chord DAVE fed by Innuos, Melco & Auralic at a dealer demo and preferred Mac mini with JRiver DSP studio. When feeding Linn DSM they sound the same to me.

Racks: I can hear a difference and my favourite is Naim Fraim. I use three stacks. There may be better, but don’t care as Naim’s good enough for me.

From my perspective, if you discard gadgets and spend the money on a Linn DSM and implement Space Optimisation carefully you’ll get better sound. Why? Because I think this will achieve what you’re seeking more easily than tweaking with disparate gadgets. Gadget is not derogatory, I regard ferrite rings as useful gadgets.

One question: why are power conditioners bad? Isotek units reduce mains noise levels considerably without limiting current delivery, but mention such filters and prepare for flames. Yet folk accept claims made for magic cables and USB which are filters. My Mac mini & NAS are on a Pure Sine Wave UPS and seem happy.

By the way if my posts are tiring the forum has a wonderful ignore function. I don’t use it on your posts, of course, as I find what you write interesting. That is why I often reply.

Apologies to OP for wandering so far off topic.

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Thanks Tiberio. Oh well I do spend a lot of my personal time testing hi fi… what does that say about me… not sure…

Back to OP

There’s not much to be gained by converting from the Melco to audiophilleo and then back to Nova

If you like it more it’s because of the coloration that adding more electronics therefore noise adds

I would just use a nas with the nova on WiFi …

No doubt that the audiophilleo is a great transport

But it’s really meant for usage with computers for people who want such convenience. For those who have a Dac without usb input and no streamer

But the nova has a new generation naim streamer and you’re trying to improve on Naim’s own engineering … a lot of money for little apparent benefit …

Get yourself superlumina speaker cables instead and boy do they make a difference on the Nova (I’ve heard it myself and it’s a big upgrade)

My opinion


Aside from the Melco I have tried all the incarnations of Wifi, expensive ethernet, fibre bridge, Cisco, Raspberry Pi, other high power leads - so far this one really hits the mark.

Again my opinion :grinning:

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Thanks Phil, question what app are you using as a remote?

I installed Orange Squeeze its a horrible experience compared to Roon, but for sure it sounds better (details and micro dynamics), maybe due to the Zenith Roon integration being switched off, plus now I have zero issues (drops outs and missing the start of a track).

I do yearn for Roon, but the SQ is my priority.

I found in the Orange Squeeze app maybe an issue, as it suggests the Zenith is not synchronised ?

Well if it makes you happy who can argue with that

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Hi @obsydian, I use iPeng on iPad and iPhone. You can swap between them seamlessly. Interesting that you hear a difference for the better.


I will try iPeng generally seems all developer fanboys love Apple and Focus more time on its development.

For sure better, I always wondered why lots of library options where missing from the Innuos portal, when I switched of Roon all appeared, so I would also assume now the Zenith wastes no energy with Roon.

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Obsydian, the post was directed to Tiberio…

That’s for Multiroom in LMS, if you have multiple Squeezebox players. No need to worry about it.

Yep, I think it’s underpowered to run them all at the same time and likely to optimise each server. Lms which Innuos us has very low CPU usage wise as it doesn’t really do much other than serve up music. Roon is a lot more CPU intensive overall which is why they recommend seperate core and endpoint.

Ahh thanks