Audioquest Vodka Ethernet full loom

Can anyone here give their views on going full Vodka?

My other two are Cinnamons.

I have only the Vodka on the last leg. Is there any benefit(s) of going the whole hog?

I’m not interested in what people think, but rather have simply experienced…

Thank you.

I have experienced full vodka cat 7, I like it it gives a very clean, real and detailed wit great textured sounds.

Then in the streamer upgraded to a Diamond cat 7.

The 5m or more does not have the blue braid covering the cable, but please try before giving this jump, on the roon server opted to retrieve the vodka and put a cinamon instead.

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Not sure whether i can quite stretch to the Diamond. I do like the Vodka. At the present i have Blue Jeans and MeiCord Opal full loom. Just really fancy going the full Vodka. I don’t know why. I like what i’m hearing currently with the Cinnamons p and Vodka combined. Maybe the full Vodka is even better? Lot of wonga to find out. Sort of…?

I used Cinnamon from Router to switch and from switch to Core and Vodka from switch to ND555 changed to all Vodka works for me.


The Diamond is not that much better, it’s a little only a little better. The step from the cinamon to the vodka is bigger than the step from the vodka to the Diamond, the Diamond does all the vodka do but is a little more relaxed and a little better in musicality, is a great cable but vodka is a bargain compared to the Diamond price.

And in some cases I prefer the vodka to the Diamond, for example on the connection between the switches or some streamers.

The cinamon is a very good cable, musical and with a big soundstage, the vodka adds body, bottom end, a more cleaner presentation, sharper details and textures and more separation of the sounds on the mix.


Yep, that sums it up for me perfectly, others have tried the Diamond and found it not to their taste……my dealer did not seem to enthused either. Only way to find out would be to try, but i was, and are still happy with Vodka cables.

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I had full loom Vokda, tried BJC cat 6A and preferred it. More natural and simply nicer. But of course, at a tenth of the price it can’t be better, can it?


Wildcard suggestion, you could try making your own patch cords with some toolfree connectors, you can then experiment with the different construction types to give a wider baseline to determine what you like.
Cat6A being a good starting point, Belden, Excel, Kenable, Commscope etc.
They all do preterminated patch cords as a starting point then you can try different termination beyond that and try F/FTP, S/FTP, U/FTP and so forth.
You could also try solid core vs stranded for extra baseline.

Or, you could stop fannying around with wires and enjoy the music.


I’m listening to music and typing at the same time ironically :joy:


When I think the money I invested in this cables, and some power cables, I could have invested the same amount in upgrading the my eletronics, and could easily get away with more modest network cables.

After the cinamon, all of the rest was an impulse. Still think the cinamon is the best value.


It’s all part of the fun one way or another, it’s when it gets obsessive or compulsive it gets in the way of the actual fun part, listening to music.
I’m a bit spoilt in many respects, I work for a company that amongst other things makes Ethernet cables and fibres so it’s easy for me to fiddle about with stuff like this and only lose some of my time doing so.


I’ve seen a few used AQ Vodka going for sale at good prices in all the usual places. I’ve also noticed their new prices have hiked considerably since i last purchased my 1.5 metre one, so will most probably go pre-loved instead. As i say, i already have BJC Cat 6a and MeiCord full loom. Out of those two i prefer the MeiCords, but every now and then i do swap in the Cinnamons and Vodka just for a bit of zest, and i must say i really like what i hear. Just curious to give the whole hog a go …

Thanks for your feed back :+1:

Well this is true of course. I have been using NAC A5 cables since 1996 and also a Hi-Line from 2015. I very rarely mess around with HiFi wires. With the network cables it’s far easier to just swap in and out different cables than all of the other wires i guess…

Good luck :sunglasses:


And others love it . As I. For me it’s more refined and natural vs the Vodka, which is a bit in your face and edgy. My ears, my system. The Diamond gives the body and textures of the Vodka but with more open and nicer presentation.


I started with free cables which sounded horrible. Then went to belkin cat 6 which sounded better. Then a mix of meicord and cinnamon, this combo was good but sounded a bit slow at times. Then tried a vodka lead and the difference was easy to hear, so I added another and the sound improved again, so I added the final one, and guess what……… it improved again. Im really happy with the sound now (a couple of years and counting) and don’t feel the need to experiment with ethernet cables anymore.
The other huge difference was changing from a cheapie internet switch to a cisco 2960, another real wow moment.


If looking for great wow results, I would try ENO Silver Ethernet Filtering System on the last leg, for little more than 1 m Vodka price tag.

In terms of cable construction it’s the use of silver vs copper I find most interesting. The shielding and screening are likely fairly common between manufacturers. FTP has an aluminium F(oil) wrap around each of the four twisted pairs and F/ is an outer foil shield for the whole cable. S/ is a (S)tranded mesh screen.
Flat foil outer shields tend to perform more consistently than wound types, which are cheaper to manufacture.
Their properties do differ in terms of the EMI frequencies they are rejecting relative to the cable conductor pairs.
You then have stranded conductors typical in short patch cords and for structured cables you have solid cores, primarily to provide signal consistency over longer cable lengths.
Also bare in mind that more shielding and screening doesn’t neccessarily mean the cable will perform optimally especially over short distances and in a home setting.
It likely explains why some people prefer certain cable constructions over others to “their ears” as the equipment at each end of the cable will adapt to the properties of the cable accordingly.
Adding to that the AC to DC power source and switch clock stability, you have a number of variables to factor in to determine cable performance relative to your system.
An example could be an F/UTP cable of 1m length which would allow the conductor pairs to perform without incuring switch voltage fluctuations whilst providing broad spectrum EMI rejection.


That’s impressive knowledge @Mr.M
I couldn’t even try Vodka properly, as the connectors don’t click into the domestic ethernet wall sockets. Cinnamon on my Mu-So and I thought it made a nice improvement vs the ethernet patch cord I ‘borrowed’ from work.

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