Audioquest with Naim din termination: anybody?

Dear All,
In order to connect a dac (Chord or Moon by Simaudio) to my pre Naim Nac 202, my dealer suggests me the audioquest cables, namely Yukon or the more expensive Water.
Both are RCA only, but I see there are some audioquest cables that are Din terminated for Naim, but I don’t find any news about them from any user.
The din terminable models are as follows (from the cheapest to the most expensive):
Big Sur

Does anybody know them, or have tried, compared, or know something about them?
Thank you.

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@newcomer should perhaps help


Why not just get a Naim or Chord cable, or something from Witch Hat? All are very compatible with Naim and come with the connections you need.

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My dealer recommends very much to use the DIN ended. So the Yukon and similar 2-wire cables are out. The Sydney uses much the same build as the Yukon except the different earthing. My dealer suggested it for Aria > 252 over other alternatives. He also sells Chord and of course Naim, but no Witchhat or Tellurium. They are using Yukon extensively internally for the “middle class”. (Chord Music and Sarum at the top end, and SL for Naim). I have to say that by the time we came to this topic I was already very exhausted after a massive spending spree over months, so I didn’t want to go down the next expensive rabbit hole, trusted them and bought it. However have not heard it at home as everything has been delayed a bit. Though I should add that the dealer said, after the spending spreea nd generally knowing me, that he fully expects me not to be satisfied before Superlumina, Sarum, and the like, but if it’s not the final cable for my system I would be happy with it until then. (And for everything else I am using Naim standard)

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The reason is only because the dealer of the dac sells audioquest he offers them at very good price…
But, of course, if they are not well quoted I will evaluate chord and naim.

why your dealer suggested just the Sydney for your Aria->252 and not an higher one such as Victoria, Yosemite…?

In their opinion the Yukon/Sydney in particular hit a sweet spot in value for money. Generally they consider AQ the best choice in the lower and mid range, but the more expensive ones according to them don’t justify the price. In the higher ranges they are Chord and SL people.

And the other thing is that after what he has seen me doing since June after I decided to make things right with my hifi (300, CDS3/XPS, NDX2/555, 252/SC, Aria), he thinks that I will end up with SL anyway, i.e. the Sydney is supposed to be the thing I can live with for a good price, and if an SL comes along I can grab it. Well, after I have recovered :slight_smile:

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Also look at True Signal Audio Cables, they will make you a RCA->DIN set, at better value than Chord or Audioquest.
I have the Ulimate DIN to RCA between NDS & Sim Audio amp, bettered the existing HiLine.

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Over the years I have tried a good part of the AudioQuest range: Big Sur, Sidney, Mckenzie, Yukon, Water, Angel, among others. Currently the ones that have been maintained are Sidney (in the living room system, in our bedroom system and in my son room system) and Yukon and Water (on the main system, for the SVS SB 16-ULTRA and the Violectric HPA V281 the first one, and for the NAD C546 BEE CD player the Water).

The rest of the main system is all Tellurium, Silver Diamond for speakers, Black Diamond for interconnects, and Ultra Black for power cables.

In my opinion, the AudioQuest range sweet spot is the Water, a magnificent cable, better than the Angel and very close to the Chord Sarum T and the Tellurium Black Diamond. Are there better cables? Of course, many; but they’re also much more expensive. Are they worth it? That should be valued by everyone with their money, but for that system I don’t think you’re wrong about it, and you don’t regret or look any further, even if it’s not available in Din termination.

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Dear @anon4489532,
What about tellurium q Black for digital as well for RCA->Din analogue connections ?
Do you know them? If so, do you think they match well with the other Naim cables of my system (snaic and Naca5) ?

Non naim snaics are not to be discussed.
(tq don’t make a snaic)

Maybe I am not clear: I just ask if the digital and audio interconnect cables of Tellurium q « black » are a good match with the Naim cables (ie the snaic and the naca5) that I already have in my system

If you are connecting a dac to your 202, it’s a standard phono to din analogue cable. The best match for your Naim interconnects A5 is a Naim interconnect. The simplest thing is simply to get that.

There are loads of cables out there. They will all sound different, but if you want a match you cannot go wrong with Naim. If you want something more expensive than the standard cable, which costs £115 in the U.K., you could get a Hiline.

I have no experience of other interconnects so cannot advise on Tellurium black.

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