AudioSerenity ISO-9H-35 Isolation Feet - R they worth it?


I am thinking of buying some AudioSerenity ISO-9H-35 Isolation Feet to go between my Naim ND5 XS and separate Naim power supply.

I have been reading reviews regarding these and they are all very brief and unspecific.

I currently have separate isolation platforms for my amp and CD player, but only have 3 shelves, hence considering purchase.

I would like to ask the community your opinion? I appreciate the science behind elastomer products to allow shock absorption, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics but wonder is this just snake oil?

Is there a possibility of a demo set or money back from an online seller?

I tried them a few years ago & found they made an audible change under my Rega 3 & also under CDX2 albeit very much less than the Rega, but no difference under amp or anything else. I also found the rack or whatever the equipment is standing on affected how this type of elastomer worked. Also be careful if you use them on decorative wood as they impregnate & stain.

Hi, they are available from Amazon, so in theory I guess I could send them back if they had no effect, good idea - appreciate it.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. My system sits on an Atacama Evoque, so appreciate the feedback regarding wood.

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