AudioStream Product Of The Year 2019: Roon Software and Roon Nucleus Network Server

Congratulations go to the guys @Roon, well done

This plus the Darko award, including Roon and various different endpoints in the ‘Products of the Decades’ is a great endorsement for them.

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Hi Simon,

I would say the Audiostore/Vortexbox Microroon gives the Nucleus strong competition. I paid around £700 for mine. For that I got 2tb of SSD, a Roon Core and it converts my NDS into a Roon endpoint. There’s also loads of other interesting features I haven’t hide time to explore.

It was you and a couple of others who brought The Sonore UPNP Bridge and Audiostore to my attention so many many thanks for that :grinning:



Congrats to Roon. It has opened up my music pleasure immensely. I listen to great music I would never
bother to buy or download. Right now Angelo Verploegen on Flugelhorn, The Sweetest Sound. Its basically my only source. The latest upgrade of sw to 1.7 is a big improvement. Running Nuc+

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