I like, the “digital” arm of sterophile…but it seems that there is no update since June.
One knows what’s up there?
Apart from that, John Devore (Devore Fidelity) said on his youtube channel, that Michael Lavorgna returns soon into the hifi-zoo… Michael’s way of writing about hifi and music was really great imho.

I tried to open Audiostream today and it opened Stereophile instead. New site under construction or suppressed?

Lavorgna has recently started posting again on his site Twittering Machines.


Inner Fidelity is also gone. It’s a shame, because there was a lot of information on those two sites.

Some interesting sites online:

Positive feedback
Ultra audio
Audio beat
6 moons audio
10 audio
Ear audio
Enjoy the music
Part time audiophile
Audio Bacon
Audiophile style
The audiophile man

Try Audiophilia, it’s the same.

Tried it, still routes me to stereophile…strange…

Perhaps under construction

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I pretty much stopped visiting Audiostream after Michael Lavorgna left. His return would be highly welcome, especially after Art Dudley is no longer with us.

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