Audiotechnica Sound Burger is back

And here is my ClearAudio Emotion .

The turntable sits on the top of your system and one of it’s tasks is to look as good as it sounds

best wishes


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Both are nice. Would be difficult to choose.

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Just waiting for a Michael Fremer YouTube showdown review pitching the Sound Burger against the Continuum Caliburn before I’m committing to ordering online.

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I think its sold out

Damn, the Roosters scoop too late again.

The arm on the Audio Technica AT LP 2022 looks like a ClearAudio …

Wishing I’d kept my Soundburger now. It was marketed as competition for the then new ‘Walkman’.

With obvious downsides.


Unify maybe?

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Would you use your soundburger while biking? Fun exercise.

I just read a review by Jason Kennedy/ Ear audio, on the Audiotechnica Art 20 cartridge.
Jason enjoyed it a lot on his Rega P10 turntable.
Another cartridge that can suit well, apparently, with a Rega P10.

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