Audiovector SR1 speakers with Naim

Hello all.

I have Dynaudio Focus 110s with my Naim system (NDX, 202 + NAPSC, 200DR). It all sounds amazing and I am very pleased - I spend many happy hours listening. However, I really want to put the Focus 110s back into my other room (which is only a Sonos-based system but the Dynaudios sound amazing in it - much better than my other current speaker options). So I was considering new Evoke 10s to go into the Naim system, expecting them to be at least as good as and maybe even slightly better than the Focus 110s. Job done. :slightly_smiling_face:

But then I thought: maybe I could extend my Naim system a bit further while I am at it, and take another step up. (I haven’t yet had my upgradeitis vaccination.) My very helpful local dealer has today loaned me a pair of Audiovector Si1 Signatures, which have had a factory upgrade to SR1 Signature internal components.

I did a comparison listening session as soon as I got them home this morning. They are certainly very enjoyable, if somewhat different to the Focus 110s - slightly more detailed but taughter, less warm. Bass was a little boomy at first: I repositioned them slightly and much improved. (They are sitting in a slight alcove so not ideal for rear ports but my current Dynaudios are rear-ported and are brilliant on solid tight bass - albeit with the foam bungs partially in.) Vocalists’ sibilants perhaps seemed a little hissy here and there - definitely slightly disappointing and not something I have ever noticed with the Dynaudios. Maybe some further repositioning may help but otherwise not sure whether that is a weakness.

I definitely heard some details and instrument distinction I had not heard before. Crisper, sharper. Overall perhaps there is a little more clarity but they are possibly less warm and smooth than the Dynaudios.

I will of course give them a full audition all week. In the meantime, I’m a little underwhelmed. Maybe I was expecting too much of a noticeable “wow” difference. :unamused:

Do any of you have the same or similar Audiovectors? With what Naim components?

Are my amps suitable to drive these Audiovectors?

What other c.£2k standmounts would you recommend to improve upon the Dynaudio Focus 110s but be compatible with my Naim components?



I love my Audiovector SR3isignatures but they are floorstanders
Presently with Nap200 amp

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