Audirvana as a server?

Time to phone a friend.

Can Audirvana (3.5.13) be set up on the iMAC so NDX2 sees as a server? I can push from the PC app by selecting the NDX2 but not pull from the iPAD Naim app as it doesn’t see. Being the w/e Im unlikely to get a response back on this until Monday.

My use case is to see the server from the Naim App like I can with the Astell&Kern MQA Server or MinimServer. I wont purchase the IOS A+ app as a remote controller as I want the Naim App to do it all. Everyone in the family has iPads and we need a one stop shop control app, which Naim does very well.

Ive requested a refund if this use case can’t be fulfilled, thought Id reach out to get my conclusion confirmed.

All the best

Rob D

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It is the other way, basically what you want to ask is how can you make Audirvana see the NDX2? I think it would be automatic unless the NDX2 is on a different LAN in your home.

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As @anon42789223 says, the guidance is on the audirvana site FAQs- Technical Issues -

Thanks for responding one and all. All good. I had it working as per design, it works very well but just doesnt meet my use case. The Audirvana support is first class and Damians cares deeply about music and the UX. Once Im in a house with structured cabling I may revisit.

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I have always been amazed at the improvement using Audirvana provides. I originally connected my Mac Mini through a Meridian Explorer into the Naim DAC. Now I find the Audirvana app on my phone sees the NDX, and streams to it via the wired network quite happily. I have yet to compare the two — both sound great.

The only thing left to wish for is seeing Audirvana from inside the Naim app.


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Hi Nick in Seattle. I trying to understand streaming, and import it into my Wi-Fi network.

Please excuse me OP for stepping on your post. Just trying to put it all together.

You caught my attention with your:

NDX - network player, or nas ? Which I don’t have.


Just learned I was steaming, but really didn’t know it!

I think I’m streaming locally which means there is no cost! :grin:

Ethernet > MM > Airport Extreme > 3 x Expresses

Living Room
Family Room
Rec Room

The MM is my server & itunes is apt supplied with With my late model MM that should be upgraded to at least 8 Gigabits of RAM for best results.

My itunes Library consist of 4 day of continuous music compiled by ripping and purchasing inferior compressed tunes from the Apple Store @ .99 cents & a buck and a quarter. Very convenient, but looking to improve quality at minim cost!

Life was simple until my friend bought me a 55" Samsung HDTV~ $500, what da heck, Free!

Now I’m streaming Sling TV with Apple TV as a Server! I think???

Sling is the apt or application, the Apple TV is the server.

That’s enough for today, but if you or anyone listening can confirm my lack of understanding, I surely would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

PS. Just looked at the rear of my expresses and seen an Ethernet port!

Hence, I’m streaming wireless.

Is there an electrical unit that contains 6 ethernet outputs that could be used to wire my home???

Next question tomorrow?

Cat 5e, 6, 7, or 8 holy shot!

Please excuse me, for not knowing the jargon!

I believe it is “streaming” whether you are using a service like Spotify or local files on a computer or NAS, and playing them through a player like my NDX via a network connection. Playing files stored on a Mac Mini directly connected to a pre or DAC I would not call streaming, as no network is involved.

I also would not call playing shared files stored elsewhere on your local network streaming, when the Mac into the DAC is used; but playing Spotify etc on that Mac is streaming, I think.

I am open to correction.


Being a novice, I would think that the above procedure would be the purest route!

WAV, FLAC, or non-compressed apple files ripped from my MM via itunes.

MM > Ethernet > Airport Extreme > Ethernet > Airport > Express > Ethernet > Inexpensive Arcam CD/SACD/DAC.

Where is my thinking gone flawed?

Please help😕

You have the alternative option of connecting the Mac to the DAC using a Toslink cable instead of playing music through the network. Then you would only use your network to control the Mac from iPad etc. Either could trump the other — you would need to try them both to know which is better to your ears, or if they are different at all.


Mind you, my MM is in my office: Where as the would-be in $1K SACD/dac player is located in my family room.

The computer is quite a distance from my:

Airport Express>Arcam/dac>Primare Pre-30> Arcam mono-blocks> Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands (Family Room).

Is that tos link something like MM>M2Face>Ndac!

Which (could) be applicable to my Living room system:

CDX2>282>HCDR>3 x 250.2>Briks

Via Ethernet>2nd MM>tos link>Ndac.

I’m I making any sense?

Remember I’m a novice at this streaming!

Going out on a limb, and would assume Cat 7/8 would be more future-proof than Cat 5e!

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