Audirvana + DAC (?) + Mu-so 2

Hi guys,

in light of a purchase of mu-so 2 would like to better understand some connection issues.

I use Audirvana (Qobuz hires of Tidal MQA) as a source in my home configuration, connected to Dragonfly red and then via rca to a AV receiver.

Would like to replicate into a 2nd home with a new mu-so 2 used as one-stop shop solution (serving also tv).

In this second home I have a very basic 4g connection through a simple router without any physical port.

Which are the options to maximise quality of the stream?

  1. From Mac Book Air 2014 or New Mac Book Pro (Audirvana) exiting via USB to Dragonfly and then via RCA/Jack to mu-so? not clear if going analog would loose the benefit of the 2nd unfolfding in case of MQA and the overall capability of this connection (case of Qobuz hires tracks)…

  2. From Mac Book Air 2014 or New Mac Book Pro (Audirvana) exiting directly via TOSLINK Digital Optical to mu-so ? I understand this would limit frequency to 96khz and cut tracks above it

  3. From Mac Book Air 2014 or New Mac Book Pro (Audirvana) connecting mu-so via UPnP? I understand this would not limit frequency but not sure how to connect phisically (I need an ethernet connection or would I stream through wi-fi?)

Hope this does not create any confusion

Many thanks in advance


Hi Filippo
Have you tried using the Muso alone with its native Tidal input? This would be the simplest way to get it working, and Naim will be adding Qobuz support in future, so that may be all you need. However, you may find that a 4G router is not the most reliable way to connect to a streaming service. It may work, but you should test it, especially if you plan to use HiRes streams.
If you prefer to use Audirvana, you may find that connecting it to the Muso via UPnP works well.
Another option would be to use Roon on your MacBook. This supports both Tidal and Qobuz, and would work with both the Dragonfly and the Muso.

Hello Chris, thanks for the support. I did not try, simply because I am still evaluating the purchase, and these infos are crucial to understand whether is the right solution to me.
Unfortunately 4G router is a constraint, since I cannot install a fixed line. So far it works if a stream directly using the macbook and speakers connected using the thunderbolt
If I want to use Audirvana and UPnP do I need a ethernet cable or simply through WIFI? (in this case I assume no dragonfly…) What about macbook (audirvana) + dragonfly + via analog (jack) to muso?

My internet connection is 4G LTE, I get between 30-60 Mbit/s depending on load/weather and I use an external antenna on the router. I have unlimited data and run the iphone/ipad on the same account … total EUR65/month.

I use W-Fi in the house with one of those big expensive Netgear Nighthawk devices. Only the music-server is wired up to the Nighthawk, everything else is wireless including the streamer. I watch HD-movies on the AppleTV streaming from iTunes/iCloud with no problems.

The 4G/LTE has been the most reliable internet connection I ever had (been using it for almost four years now). The internal WiFi is just a few months old, I tried digging out the Cisco 3560 and wires last weekend but I preferred the WiFi. I think. This is with an Aries G2 streamer.

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