Audirvana Plus 3

I am considering the above primarily as a one stop controller for Tidal, Qobuz and mu own library. Given the inability to search the old forum at the moment. Does anybody have any views/experience. I am particularly interested in SQ on Qobuz hi res streaming and Tidal MQA. Am I correct in thinking that it acts as a UPNP server?

Yes, Audirvana+ does have the UPnP option.
In Preferences, Audio System, select UPnP: ND…
You control the library/Qobuz/Tidal [and even High Res Audio if you have it] from A+ app. Whatever is playing in A+ then shows in the Naim app play window, and can be controlled from there too.
MQA masters show in Tidal and play to the first level of unfold on my non MQA DACs.
SQ seems wonderful to me but I might not have the ears of the most acute listeners here.

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