Audirvana + questions

Any other users here? I have a MacMini/Sharp TV accessing a library on my Netgear 104 NAS, using a Chord 2Qute into system 52/SC/250.
One issue that happens is that Audirvana seems to disconnect from 2Qute and select HDMI input as seem clicking options speaker icon on MM. It won’t go back to 2Qute, but will select Mu-So the on;y other source choice. Audirvana has to be shut down to restore 2Qute.

Another issue is that I don’t seem to be able to remove/ edit Library choices that Audirvana accesses.

Any recommended settings? Mainly AIFF files, but some m4a, FLAC and 24/ 96 & 192. I have remote on iPhone 5s and older iPad.


I’m sorry I can’t suggest a solutionas I don’t use in that way. I use A+ in dedicated mode, optimised as given in A+ manual, usb output to DAC, Mac Mini headless, control othere thanA+ app using VNC.

I also use the MM as a UPnP video server from external NAS, using Plex to serve to an apple TV and hence to projector. Because A+ runs in dedicated mode I have to cloese it down to run Plex, then restart A+ (Either using VNC or manually restart the MM which restars A+) Doing this A+ of course always finds the DAC as normal. I know this is different from what you’re trying to do, and I offer just in case something in thtabhelps.

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