Audirvana stops

Hi I’m trying to get audirvana on a mac mini(late-14) to work via upnp to my ndx.
Problem is that the music stops after nearly 2 songs.
Have anybodyelse discovered this problem and managed to solve it?

/ Anders

I get this intermittently with an ND5XS. I believe that the issue is that Audirvana does not deal well with a missing track end marker and then stops advancing. Hence in the worst case you get the first track and most of the second before it stops. I find restarting Audirvana before use (especially if you have used another UPNP ‘source’ such as LMS previously) usually makes it work for a while. It would clearly be better if Audirvana could come up with a fix though.

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Audivarnas UPnP implementation is dreadful from my experience. I never got it to work well when all other apps do, usb it’s great though. I gave up and returned to Roon.

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Is there another ”easy” way to get the most out of a Tidal master subscriptin? Roon is pretty expensive I think, and I’m not sure if I have conditions for that.

Amarra, but that has other issues, other than that your out of luck for software doing the first unfold of MQA and UPnP.


Trying to set different preloadmemory in the outputsettings if that can be something to fiddle with, and restart.

Are you using wireless or wired to the Mac mini?

Hi. I’m wired.

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Hello, this is my first post in the Naim community. I’ve been using Audirvana to either my Naim Uniti Atom or my SimAudio Moon 180 MiND streamer with great success. The Moon streamer is fussy, it doesn’t like wifi and if a stream has an issue, it will kick out. So if Audirvana was being flaky in any way, there is no way the Moon wouldn’t drop the stream.

I am using a 2011 build of the Mac Mini using High Sierra. I am wired via a MOCA 2.5 network to the SImAudio and the Atom and Mac Mini are using two ethernet ports on a MOCA adapter in the same room.

Are you using the System Optimizer in Audirvana? I don’t know if it would make a difference for UPnP or not, but the settings I have remain from previously using the USB out of the Mac Mini to a Mac. The settings I have active are
*** Optimize System for Audio Playback (ON)**
*** Audirvana Priority (Extreme)**
*** Disable Spotlight (ON)**
*** Disable Time Machine (OFF)**
*** Disable detection of iDevices on USB (OFF)**

I am not sure why I have the last one off, other than I never attach anything to this Mac. It runs headless, strictly as a music server. If it makes any difference, I am also using an old free version of Asset UPnP, but Audirvana would likely ignore this completely. It is for the Naim and SimAudio software to see my digital music files.

One thing I find in general with streaming, is that the biggest source of problems is not the software or hardware (other than the Moon not being able to cope with streams with iffy transport), it is usually an issue with your network. Start at the modem. Some ISPs provide a dreadful router in their modems. Related to this is poor configuration of wifi. Most ISP routers run some kind of automatic channel selection and optimization. In my experience, this usually mean they set themselves on the same 2.5 and 5 Ghz channels as all your neighbours who use the same ISP. So I use a little app on my MacBook Air than can see all the wifi networks around me, including hidden ones, and I set the channels manually to whatever is not in use and at least one channel away from any that are being used. This eliminates interference that slows Wifi. I also keep the 5 and 2.5 Ghz frequencies on separate SSIDs so I can choose what is being used. It may sound nutty, but years ago, I discovered by accident that music sounds better on 5 Ghz. It’s probably because it is less prone to interference because it does not have the range of 2.5, so your neighbours’ 5 Ghz signals are week inside your house.

Other possibilities on wired might be an IP address conflict. Sometimes one device might be on a fixed IP address and then when the DNS lease is up on another device, maybe it tries to use the same IP. There are other reasons why a conflict might exist. I am not a network admin, but I’ve tweaked a few things and went from sheer frustration where using Airplay was an exercise in futility to always working on all devices.

So the best things I did was manually set up my wifi on two frequencies, install MOCA over existing RG6 cable in my walls because I lack ethernet wiring, and I asked my ISP to replace the lousy router and fibre converter to their latest. Plus, I have a second network using Asus AI mesh routers, but not used much for music, but other traffic on the third floor. The last thing is that I have Audirvana optimizing the Mac for it’s own advantage.
It’s almost a certainty that Audirvana is not at fault, beyond these settings being off.

I also have Amarra Luxe. This is definitely not your answer. It is not at all UPnP aware. It sees only devices attached to my Mac Pro.

I hope some of this information will be of assistance,

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