Audirvana (via Upnp) vs BubbleUpnp

Hi everyone

thanks to the valuable advice of this forum, I have greatly improved the sound quality of my NDX using BubleUpnp to play qobuz (before I went directly to Straming on Tidal)

Currently BubleUpnp is installed on a home PC that I use to do so much more and I would like instead isolate Buble on a dedicated message.

I also have Audirvana (purchased when I had the Dac-V1 before the NDX).

Has anyone ever done comparative tests between Audirvana via Upnp and bubleUpnp?

would I have a further improvement by installing audirvana on a dedicated MacMini and using it via Upnp with NDX?

Thx in advance


You cant compare them as they are different products . Ones a server and streaming software the other is a layer on top of an existing UPnP server. Audivarna to me seemed to perform better when attached to a DAC via USB. I could not get the UPnP to work reliably at all when I tried. It gets a lot of praise for its sound quality though @Innocent_Bystander for one swears by it. Your experience may vary with UPnP but I went back to using asset and bubblefor UPnP which is solid. Saying that I only used UPnP rarely as I use Roon for primary listening as it’s better at multiroom.

But that is when optimised as a renderer - as a UPnP player it may be just like any other (I have never used that way) though apparently sometimes not easy to get the streamer to work with it (which may be because it is not a plain UPnP server, given that it offers Tidal MQA first unfold).

I’ve found Audirvana UPnP on a dedicated Mac Mini sounds noticeably better than a Synology 118 NAS running Bubble, Minim, Asset etc. (into NAC 272 / XPS DR / 250 DR). As a caveat, that’s a basic entry-level NAS, and many here have found that a higher-spec NAS gives better SQ.

I also find Audirvana UPnP offers a reliable user experience for both Tidal and local streaming. I’m planning to disappear down the rabbit hole of Mac Mini tweaks to see if I can eke out a bit more performance.

It’s funny how opinions on this seem to change over time. Not so long ago, some posted here that a basic, low power NAS was optimal for sound quality. Now there seems to be a spate of posts from guys who say that changing to a much more powerful NAS sounds better. Just an observation, I have no opinion on this myself so far.


I have never managed to get the Audirvana UPnP working reliably with the Klimax DSM, sometimes it ends up with a huge white noise, the two are not compatible at all. So I am forced to use Roon or the Linn Kazoo instead, but I find Audirvana UPnP sounds better.

Maybe something in the idea of having plenty of power in reserve, like driving at 30 mph with a V12 engine underfoot vs. four cylinders.

CPU load on my Mac Mini while running Audirvana is about 1.5%.

Caveat #2: I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been using Audirvana on a MacBook Air to stream HiRes Quboz and Tidal (MQA first unfold) on ND5XS - Using the A+ app (remote) on iPhone for a couple of months. All seamless and reliable on hi speed internet/home ethernet. Audirvana takes priority on the ND5XS - e’g if listening to radio the UPnP automatically selects when a track is selected on Audirvana.

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