Audius streaming service

The blockchain-based streaming service Audius reports 7.5 million monthly users. Bigger than Tidal and closing in on Deezer.

Currently their own app and 320kbps lossy. Artist based (like beatcamp). A bit limited and raw. But it is a start.

I’ve been using this for a while, mostly out of curiosity as it seems like an interesting use of blockchain tech, which goes far beyond just Bitcoin these days. To be honest I don’t understand how the technology works to the artists advantage.

It doesn’t pretend to be more than just a work in progress right now. The last I heard was that it’s now mostly free, but with the option to pay in Audius’s own digital currency. They are trying to develop the idea that artists can choose their own business model, either being free for listeners who pay a sub or allowing musicians to set their own rates, with a proposal that the platform takes a 10% cut and the artist takes the rest. Note that I said artist, not label, so the performers actually get to control this, not just lap up the dregs, and unsigned artists are not disadvantaged.
How exactly this develops is unknown (at least to me) but I think it’s a great idea in principle.

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