Auralic Lightning DS workaround

I keep my music library in folders such as Female, Male etc. I can’t find a way to select a folder and then create a playlist of say all female, in LightningDS. Each album has to be added to a playlist individually.
I have found that the Linn Kazoo sw can do this complete folder and can connect to the Aries. Kazoo doesn’t allow connection to radio or amazon in their sw unfortunately.,but for playlists of existing libraries it is ideal.
Hope that helps someone.

I know nothing about Auralic gear, but assuming it accesses music files from a UPnP server, it would require the server to have a folder view option (as Minimserver does, for example) as an alternative to the more conventional tag view that is normally used to broswe music. So if you were to add tags to your music collection rather than arranging them in a file structure you would be able to browse by whatever categories suit you. Folder structure and file location become more or less irrelevant.

How large a playlist are you planning to make? When i ran an Airies Mini I discovered an issue with large playlists and lightning DS which was confirmed by the vendors at the time. When you play a playlist, it adds the tracks to the play queue but there was a limit of 99 tracks the code could handle with each add attempt and it did not repeat the add cycle so only the first 99 tracks would ever move to the play queue.
My large playlists were created from m3u playlist exports from iTunes, with a suitable edit of the file path and then imported into lightning.

Or just add a new metadata tag to all files in the folder?

Quite a few tag editors can make batch changes.

Thanks Both.

I have created a playlist of random female tracks in Bluesound/Kazoo/Sqbox by selecting my folder Female and then create a playlist. The sw then finds the first x tracks (sw limited) from the female folder.

The Lightning sw does not allow this.
Of course I can add tracks individually but that isn’t what I want to do.

My workaround so far is to use Kazoo to connect to the G1, use Kazoo sw to play a female playlist (1000 tracks). I then close Kazoo and open Lightning which shows the playlist now playing. I can then save that current playlist as a new playlist ‘Female’ in Lightning.
Clumsy but it works.

Edit: I haven’t tried iTunes yet so will have a play with that later.

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