Auralic streamer to Nait xs3

I just ordered the xs3 to upgrade my older xs2. The new one should have a stream input. Can I connect my auralic streamer with rca to din cable to the stream input. Currently it is connected to the cd i put on my xs2.

The xs3 should have some more power and will let me explore the vinyl experience.

Yes, you can use any input you want fir the streamer, except of course for phono.


I was also watching some vids on the nd5xs2 streamer. Whats really cool, that you can change the volume from the app. But the device itself seems to be not as modern as the auralic. Does anyone have co pared both? Price wise, they are the same.

Which Auralic model are you considering?


Altair G1

As you know, the system automation that you would get with the ND5XS2 is very useful. It’s something we use all the time. With the Auralic you’ll need their app for selecting things, and the XS3 remote for the volume and input selection. That may not matter of course but for us it’s a really good feature.

That matters of course, but already live with it every day. And am actually happy. It is very slightly inconvenient. If a XS3 version of the streamer comes out, maybe I’ll consider it. But not with the old dac in the XS2 and I also need USB to the Mac, so I can connect my Mac mini.

I’ve not compared Altair G1 vs ND5XS2. I have auditioned Vega G2 vs 272/XPSDR and you can see from my profile which way I went. That partially reflects the non-appearance of a 272 successor and, of course, my personal audio preferences. But that is using the Vega’s analogue output directly into active speakers. The G1 does also offer volume control but it’s digital so I presume you’d use it purely as a streamer. In that case and assuming there is absolutely no chance of auditioning, I’d be inclined to go with the ND5XS2 not least on aesthetic grounds.


I am unsure about the cable, because the streamer input has 2 further active pins besides the audio out.

The streamer input on the XS3 does have output pins too, but your cable won’t be wired for these (unless you have a DIN to 4xRCA cable).

As others have said, just use the same cable as before.

i went from auralic altair to nd5xs2 as found the sound a bit sterile and bleached with the auralic against the naim’s more weighty rythmn driven sound. The auralic app, was at that time a bit rubbish too

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I am trying to find a place to do a/b.
There are two major missing features in naim for me. Built in music library and missing usb connection for my mac mini.
Now curious how the sound is

There is a frequent poster on the Auralic forum, who uses a 202/200 as amplification. He used to run an Altair G1 which he has recently upgraded to Altair G2.1. He is a very friendly and helpful guy and might have some helpful observations if you asked your question there.


I used to have an Auralic Altair G1 running into the stream socket of an XS 3 and it sounded fantastic. You can use regular old RCA to RCA or go RCA to DIN. I used a Chord Shawline RCA to DIN cable on mine. I’ve recently bumped my amp up to a Supernait 3, but still using the Auralic Altair G1. I demo’d both the Altair and the ND5 SX2 and found the sound, app usability and feature set of the Auralic to far outweigh the Naim unit. If I was to update in future, I’d certainly have a look first at the Altair G2.1 up against the NDX2, but for my money, the G1 outstrips the NDSX2 and feeding into an XS 3 is a brilliant system with cracking value for money.


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