Auralic Vega G1

I have seen that but that’s not particularly informative. Does the device support Chromecast? Does it support MinimServer (according to the reviews, the G2 can also serve and replay files from an internal drive)? Does it support gapless streaming of Tidal, Qobuz, etc. contents? What about customizability and upgradeability?

I’ll let you know :smiley:


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My apologies, i didnt read your prev post properly! Will be keen to hear your opinons of the Auralic with the NAP 300 when it arrives

I’ll be honest the made in china moniker is putting me off.
I like the way both the Vega G1 and G2 aren’t bristling with redundant analogue ins. Only one on the G2 I think.

To my knowledge, Auralic is a Chinese company so the manufacture of the equipment isn’t being outsourced to China as many companies do. Having said this I was a little concerned about quality control. Until I looked at the equipment and then listened to it. It is very high quality kit and sounds superb. Some Naim equipment is also made in China and I’m sure it still meets the company’s high standards.

i am not very hot too about the chinese production. I would more go to the similarly priced dcs network bridge.
However the auralic seems to receive good reviews on different sites.

all the iPhones are Chinese nobody complains, China have it all, you can find the cheap, value for money and premium… if you have the money they have the goods

Aurelic looks, feels and sounds as good as many European or American brands…

Buying a chinese product from a chinese company isn’t the same as a UK or US company that farms out manufacture. I’ve been buying bulk products from china for over two decades and the problem I’ve found is they will drop a product on the ‘drop of a hat’. If the sales aren’t there anymore then goodbye. What then happens is zero ongoing support for the product. BTDT believe me! So Auralic move onto the next generation product in 3 years time and then zero support, software or hardware, for the older product. So, for example, tidal change things and zero fix. It’s a worry… not an issue with something ephemeral like a phone where most people treat them like a fashion item so they’re changing every generation (every 18 months) anyway but with something that costs 6 grand and that you want to last a decade then it’s a different thing. I’ll be honest it’s a worry for me.

What I like about a Naim is, my streamer went wrong before Xmas after 2 months of use. They gave me a new one, did not have to ask, let alone argue. That peace of mine is worth a lot to me.


yes I agree that sometimes looking after old customers will not be there…

no Chinese firm will keep transports for old CDs sold a decade ago

even couple of year old Chinese DAPs are not getting updates etc

this is a very valid point for a expensive equipment

It is a valid point, but the same may have been said of Sony, Marantz, Denon etc. in years gone by…

Like anything it can go either way. Auralic aren’t aiming to be a Samsung and I presume they realise that high end audio depends on reputation as much as innovation. (I hope :smiley:)


I would buy a Naim streamer instead…

Analog, with all due respect, you’d buy a Naim kettle and it would make nicest tea you’ve ever tasted…



A slight tangent, if I may, while looking into Aurilac streamers myself…

Which interconnect do you prefer between your Chord DAVE and your Naim pre-amp?
There seems to be a lot of love for Chord Sarum, though the price is somewhat heart-stopping for a 1 metre cable…

Best regards, BF

For interconnects if the prices of Sarum and Superlumina are an issue the Hi line is a very good performing cable with the Dave. I’ve also tried the basic naim rca to din which does a good job too.

But what I use are the vertere interconnects… no issues with pace rhythm and timing …

I had a demo of Auralic Vega G2, against my (then NDX/ nDAC) and also against a N272 with & without an XPS and found the G2 won hands down, Don’t know about the new NDX2, as this was last summer, but I am very happy using my G2,build quality is also at least as good a Naim. IMO Auralic is better sound than Naim, none of that slight edgy glare I had before,
I am very happy with Auralic .h as I was with Naim for 15 years)

Okay… so the conversation has turned to what power amp to go with the VEGA G2 - note speakers are SCM40 passives.
Plan A was perhaps a 250DR but is this a right mix? tbh I reckon the 250DR is that good that this would be a fine option but if I’m considering going outside for the streamer/preamp then what about for the power amp as well?
An idea that’s been thrown at me is a pair of the Exposure 3010S2 mono blocks…

Thoughts anyone?


If you have passive 40,s, trade them up for 40A,s forget a power amp.
have you heard actives ??, they blow away passives, so why would you , I traded 252/300DR, !

Money is an issue, honestly. :wink:

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