Autumn Internationals

Have I missed a started topic already…?

Anyway, great play from Ireland :grinning::grinning::grinning:

And an unfortunate start for England but lovely play for Freddy to cross the line :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not easy supporting Ireland at Rugby, they put their fans through the emotional wringer. I had a bottle of wine ready, but didn’t start drinking until the game finished, with the tension I was fairly sure I’d have necked it by half-time. I have two fingernails left.

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Great game. Energy and intent from Ireland finally paying off. For ages I thought NZ were going to snatch it with a bit of brilliance at the end, but just for a change it never happened.

Far more fun than watching SA strangle Scotland or the rather messy England game.



Wow - so 2 matches to watch later!

Sadly would not be surprised to see Wales lose tomorrow :neutral_face:

Sorry if I spoiled the outcomes!

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Not at all, I was precoccupied earlier sorting some things out for the kids, and had BBC Sport rugby ‘live’ feed on for the English game on the computer.

Decided not to watch any rugby today as things I had deferred for too long needed doing :+1:

I’m actually not a fan of the Autumn Internationals as they take out November ‘family time’ on weekends - great if you have time to watch but it’s a busy time of year for us.

Blimey England, cutting it fine🙂

I just watched France v NZ.

Cracking game and very well deserved win. A complete performance by what looked a very young and exciting French team. Kept it together when NZ fought back, and ended the stronger team.

At the end of the Internationals it seems to me Ireland, France and England have shown promising progress, Wales and Scotland less so.

Sets up the 6 nations nicely. Checking the fixtures France play both Ireland and England in Paris, the latter on the last weekend. Might be crucial.


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