AV bypass fault - NAC252/Arcam AV860

Having a very strange problem with the AV bypass input on a new pre-owned 252 connected to an Arcam AV860 processor. For some reason, no sound is coming from the front left speaker. The right speaker is working fine.

I’ve tried 2 different RCA-DIN cables, same result.
I’ve also checked that both FL/FR preamp outputs from the AV860 work by connecting to another DIN input on the 252, and all fine.
The AV input on the 252 also outputs both FL/FR channels fine if I hook up my NDX2 into the AV input instead of the CD input I regularly use.

So totally baffled really, any ideas or other things to try?

So the AV input works fine when not in unity gain mode, just when put into unity gain? Is it ok with the arcam on the AV input when not in unity gain?

Yes, correct Richard. All fine when not in unity gain, but only hearing the right channel when set up as UG.

That does seem to indicate an issue with the unity gain. I would guess there’s maybe some relays in there somewhere perhaps and one might be stuck. @NeilS might well have a better idea here. I’d get in touch with your dealer.

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Definitely sounds like a relay fault Richard, as the 252 has dedicated changeover relays for the unity gain mode, hence why the AV input functions ok in normal mode.



Thanks guys, I’ll get in touch with the dealer.

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