AV bypass function for Uniti Nova

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I’m interested in adding simple two-channel audio functionality to my home theatre system. The Uniti series seems to be the kind of equipment i’m looking for…does anyone know if the analog inputs offer a fixed volume level or AV bypass function ?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, the analogue input has a setting for fixed volume so you can use with with a multichannel processor system.

Thank you for your prompt reply. :grinning:

Yes I use my Atom this way to drive my front speakers for AV duties to.

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I’m interested in finding out more about this topic as I am adding a Denon AVR-4700 receiver to my system and would like to integrate my Uniti Nova if possible.

You should be able to connect your Denon AV receiver’s main L+R front channel pre-out to the Nova’s analogue input. Then just set the input to fixed volume.

Hello suneal

May I know what’s front spk are you using?
I’m using B&W 706 S2, is Nova enough power to control the speakers well?



Yes I believe the Nova is just fine powering my Focal 926s. They are fairly efficient. I have/ will have the Denon 4700 powering my classic Cdn made Mirage surrounds/Center and subs along with paradigm in ceiling and on wall fronts.

The Nova is mostly used for 2 channel listening and will also use to power my main front speakers. Looking forward to trying this setup in my new listening room. I also added a Technics SL-1500c and Lehmann audio phono preamp to my NAIM Setup.

Thanks for the clarification I look forward to getting this all connected to my new system.

Hi I didn’t know you can connect an av amp to a uniti nova this way.
I used to connect my yamaha av amp from its pre out to my previous pre amp. It is great to know this. How do you set up fixed volume on the specific analog input on the nova?

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You should be able to configure the input via the App.

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Choose Input Settings, then the Analogue Input. With the input enabled (options aren’t shown when disabled) you should see the screen below, enable the bottom option.


Thank you will try it!

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Hi all,

Tap for options and Stay connected should I tick?
what is the function for?


Hi All,

Just spotted this topic and was wondering how to expand my current setup should I want to incorporate it into an AV system. Am I right in thinking that I would keep the Nova driving my main speakers, and let the others in the setup be handled by whatever receiver I choose for AV duties?

Exactly that, yes.

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Excellent, thank you Richard.

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