Av Bypass mode issue with Supernait3

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate your confirmation my settings are correct as I am facing some probles with my SN3.

I have connected the main preout of my Marrantz AV7704 to the SN3. Those preout were previously connected to my NAP150 and this is working fine.

I uses RCA cables from the marrantz preout to the AV input of the SN3.

The av bypass switch at the rear of SN3 is at On.

When listening to sources that are connected to my Marrantz, I select Av on the SN3.

Is this the right way ?

my issue is that one main speaker gets no signal with the SN3, and works with my NAP150.

It could be a faulty relay on the av bypass. Have you confirmed no issue exists with the rca leads? What happens if you turn av bypass off, do you get sound from left and right? (You will need to use both the marantz and sn3 volume controls with av bypass off).

I have tried 2 sets of rca cables, same results.
I have tried with bypass at off, playing with the controls of the sn3 and marrantz, same issue, plus the sound signal is perturbated.

I put my NAP150 back and all works with the marrantz.

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