AV controller connecting to Naim

I would now like to go for an AV update.
I have now connected my older but very fine onkyo av receiver via pre out to the 52 and use the integrated onkyo amps for surround and center.

I would like to buy a new av controller (not sure which one, but I will find one like anthem or lexicon) and use for the center and surround a Naim nap 175.
Is this possible:

  • connecting the rca pre-output for center to nap 175 directly
  • connecting the rca pre-output for surround left right to nap 175 directly

Do I need specific cables - like for center who only needs one rca plug?

Thanks for a word
Best regards and stay all safe in 2022!

Yes, what you suggest would work. I used a similar setup, albeit with a couple of Naim power amps to do the centre and rears. You’ll need a 2xRCA to DIN4 cable and a single RCA to DIN4 cable, wired as per the image below from the manual

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Thanks a lot.
I assume the center cable is non standard.
The other one maybe as well - as 4 pin DIN…

Can this be bought or should I ask my dealer to make some?

I think Naim can supply the 2xRCA to DIN4, but you may as well get your dealer to supply/make up some suitable cables for both.

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Thanks again.
Actually I found 2 cables in my old boxes. I bought them (one cheaper for testing and one chord chrysalis) for adding a sub which never worked. Where in the box for 20 years.
Both 4 din to rca (ok - wrong direction).
But it worked and now power amplification is fully Naim :o). Sounds good.

But I do really want to have final cables
What should I do. Any advice is welcome:

  • buy 2x chord Clearway (stereo cable for mono only using one channel)
  • ask my dealer to use my old chord cable (chrysalis is the same as lavender if I remember) and cut 2 pieces out of it … and build me the cables. The sub cable from chord is 9 meter long.

Will the latter be an option or is the cable too old?

Thanks and regards

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Sounds like a plan. It’s decent cable so you may as well finally get some use out of it. Once the other two cables have been made, you could also get the dealer to re-terminate the length of cable that’s left over and sell that on.

I have too much time, so I am thinking about buying an av controller.
To be honest…
I am a bit lost.
I like to have a good one matching to Naim (52/135 for front and 175 for the rest - only 5.1 with linn Sizmik sub)

A had looked up:

  • marantz 7706 - no Dirac but maybe easier to handle

And the dirac ones… I am a little afraid that I will go lost in the dirac universe. I do not understand a bit of the stuff from the videos mentioning the manual corrections that should be done…
And all dirac processors do have some hiccups.

These are

  • anthem avm 40
  • lexicon Mc 10
  • arcam 860v
  • nad…

Any advices from your side.
I do only need 5.1 and had sound. No atmos necessary but I really would like to go for fine and detailed sound.

Thanks a lot

It’s a long time since I’ve had any AV processors so I’m not up on the latest and greatest. I’d start another thread for recommendations :slightly_smiling_face:

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