AV Receiver connected to naim

I’m considering three options for a new receiver to connect to a 500 series system with DBLs.

  1. Anthem 740
  2. NAD T778
  3. Denon 6700H.

Have any of you compared some of these?
What is best suitable to a naim-sound fan?

Many say the Denon is not in the league (although it’s the only one built in Japan and not in China).
The NAD has DIRAC which seems to be the best system before lyngdorf and trinnov.
I have heard Anthem twice 720 and 740 but with poor speakers (klipsch etc.) it sounded very bright and not to my taste.


Einstein, I assume you are talking AV receivers here? I’ve edited the title and moved to the appropriate room.

Sorry i can’t help with your question as I haven’t heard any of those.

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Hi I have used anthem receivers for many years . I have a 520. It has genesis arc room correction. I have had Yamaha and Denon prior to anthem. Anthem better imo.

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I use an ARCAM 550 AVR receiver into a Naim 252/300. Works fine; like Dirac for room correction. I suspect that any decent AVR should work for you. The ARCAM is engineered in the UK, and built in Vietnam at least for now. The advantages of doing this are a) Naim quality 2 channel sound without compromise, and b) can use two main speakers supplemented by surrounds for multichannel without a lot of moving wires around.


I have the Denon x4700h and love it, you cant go wrong with any of the AVR’s, you are looking at. They all do pass through and room correction. I have the 282/250dr


Thanks all.
I ordered the nad, I want to try Dirac.



I use an Anthem MRX740 alongside a 282/250 via Unity Gain. Naim amps drive Kudos Titan front speakers.

The Anthem works perfectly well, and drives my KEF/M&K/Velodyne Atmos/rears/Sub. Films sound great and in the overall scheme of things it’s a (relatively) inexpensive option.

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I have an Arcam AVR850 hooked up to my NAC552DR/NAP300. Sounds very good. I am using cables from Fastback to take the front L/R speakers into a unity gain input on the 552. (Speakers are Naim n-System)

If you want to ensure the most even sound all round, go for a pair of main speakers that have a matching centre, and satellites in the range where all are somewhat affordable. You can also do something like use a very good Receiver for processing only (like a Denon or Yamaha) and locate second hand Naim amps for the other channels like a bunch of NAP100 or NAP150.

Cohesion is key for surround. I’d strongly advocate keeping all speakers within the same range and amplification the same. If the main stereo speakers are of a different class than you want to spend for centre and rears, a separate stereo and AV system that share no speakers and no amps might be preferable.

If neither of those routes is appealing (too expensive or too many speakers), I’d honestly just go for stereo only rather than Frankensurround.


I confirm 100%. I had a hard time finding an Ovator full naim kit in my home theater system
one pair of S600 and three pairs of S400, now I’m in heaven. Krell hts pre-amplifier 7.1
Next update, when the wallet will allow it: nap 300 + nap 250 x 3


I would like to hook up here.
Need a new controller for AV. I currently use an older onkyo avr with pre out to nac 52/135 for front and 175 for center and rear. I only need 5.1.
Loudspeaker are SBL for front - audio physics center and valeur point one for rear. All very similar in the sound.
Would like to replace the onkyo with a nice controller.
Which one will suit the „Naim sound“

  • lexicon mc10
  • anthem avm 70
  • marantz 77…
  • NAD

Would very much like to have it not so much complicated. What I read about dirac sounds like you need a phd at dirac university.
The ARC system looks more easy to me.

Any ideas from your side,
Thanks a lot

Well, I use an Arcam AVR850. Probably no longer made. Integrates easily with my 552/300. I suspect that any of the ones you mention will probably be OK.

Another vote for Arcam - I use the AVR550. I listened to the Anthem when I bought mine and if I were buying now, I would go for this. The Arcam is great, and if you can find a second hand one, that would be a great option. I believe the new replacement has a weaker reputation.

Just picked up a mint second hand AVR850. Thing is built like a battleship and just waiting to add it in to my system. Am very excited about the prospect.

I bought the NAD a couple of weeks ago and I’m really pleased with it. It was about £1k cheaper than the equivalent Arcam and can take future updates.

The Arcam has had a fair few firmware updates over the years and as far as I’m aware is still actively supported. It sounds fantastic as well

Arcam Av40 here integrated with 552/300/250/145, Neat Ultimatum speakers all the way round. Sounds perfect when used for Surround.

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