AV2 died - replacement

Hi all

My AV2 has just died.

Should I replace eith a used AV2, or should I go for something different.

The unit will be used in an all Naim system,coated in a normal domestic environment.

I have been thinking about an Anthem, which I think some members have changed to.

Thoughts please


I have an Anthem MRX520 which does the job very well
I had it looped in so I only used it to drive rears & centre
I now have my music in a separate room so MRX520 deals with all application for AV, very well for the price I would say, too

I am using the Lexicon MC10 which is based on Arcam technology and used Dirac. Very good and was available at a healthy discount a year ago.

As much as I loved my AV2 I would touch one now, out of date and of limited repairability.

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I think it really depends how important the various sound processing modes are to you. I had an AV2 many years ago, but it quickly became outdated as NAIM decided they weren’t going to focus on home cinema.

I like watching the Netflix/Blu-ray films in Atmos/DTS-X. As a result, I now use an Anthem MRX740 in a 5.1.2 set up. The Anthem is relatively inexpensive (compared to some of my other NAIM kit), and does everything I need. My NAIM amp (282/250) still drives the main two front channels.

Many thanks for the replies everyone.

There are many things to consider - especially where my seating position is likely to be 3 feet from the rear wall.

Not sure how much dolby atmos effect I could get in this situation.

Food for thought- probably a demo.

I am leaning towards the new anthem processors if I don’t buy a used av2 - I u.detdtsnd they work well with naim.


I stay with my AV-2 + NAP-V175 because it sounds good in my 3.1 setup, it is compact compared to the Denon and Marantz AV preamps I have used in the past, and it spares me the need to relay HDMI, which I find tiresomely unreliable.




The Anthem AVM70 is a decent option, though I’ve found it easy to keep an AV2 operating with a simple 8-channel HDMI DAC.

Will you reconfigure your speakers to take advantage of the ‘spatial audio’ formats?

I have a fairly high spec Denon AV Amp with the front L & R Speakers driven through my Naim system using the pre-amp out sockets. I guess you could do this with other naim amps powering all the other speakers? You let the AV amp do the balancing act, and also the balancing software with the mic really helps on setting the levels.

Is it even possible to find a used AV2 these days? Hate to think what I’d replace mine with if it ever dies.

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Only found mine a couple of years ago. They’re about.


interesting, which simple 8-channel HDMI DAC are you using?

The Essence Evolve II:


Very nice. Where do you connect all 8 channels. I most likely will buy it for my system

The eight connections pictured feed the ‘VIPS’ 1 and 2 inputs on the AV2 with two 4 RCA to 5 pin DIN cables.

It helps if you can use a single source to provide the HDMI input, though a switch could be added if necessary.

Also, there are variations of these DACs out there. I chose the Essence due to some positive feedback and availability in North America.

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I did think about running a Merdian HD621 and separate DACs, how does the essence deal with DTS,ATMOS etc ?

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In using the Essence and similar DACs, eight channel LPCM is the preferred format. Devices like the Apple TV (last three generations) can pass this with Apps like PLEX or Infuse decoding Dolby True HD or DTS Master etc. when necessary.

Interestingly, the Dolby Atmos format used by the ATV is also decoded and mapped to the surround channels, though the ‘spatial’ data isn’t used with this configuration.

@IWCDoppel :

You’re on to something interesting with the nDAC stack approach. Just imagine the box count bragging rights…

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Yes that was a bit of a dream 4 of the original DAC with a HD621 and 4 naim 555 power supplies !

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