AV2 Remote control

Happy long time AV2 owner …sadly it has stopped responding to the IR remote commands. The remote works fine with the dvd5 but the AV2 will no respond, Any thoughts ?

Fellow AV2 owner, following with interest.

Have you tried a reset of the AV Narcom remote?


Yes. But no luck,

Is the AV2 otherwise working OK? Is it linked to the DVD5 via the comms cable?

AV2 otherwise working perfectly …originally set up by the pros …been working flawlessly for over 15 years … would have the dealer here now but for COVID. … guess I will need to walk over to the controls for now.

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Hi Sole,

One thing you can check:
Press and hold the input button on the front panel to enter the input labeling menu, use the mode front panel button to scroll through all the available inputs, then you should see EXT RC5 or EXT DAT, make sure this is set to RC5 (using the encoder knob).


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