Availability of Ariva drivers/tweeters

Are spare tweeters and drivers for Arivas still available from the factory?
Were those parts custom for Naim, or were they off the shelf products from third party manufacturers?


I’d suggest you email Naim service directly and ask - they are very responsive.

I agree an email to Naim is your best bet here. They were certainly not in house made drivers so it should be possible to source something fairly closely related if Naim spare stocks are exhausted.

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If Naim can’t help, a good source of drivers with advice as to known replacements or equivalents is Falcon Acoustics. Also crossover components.


Thanks everyone. I have emailed Naim and will report back.

Aren’t they Vifa tweeters? Should be available from Willy’s and Falcon if Naim can’t help, but I’d contact Naim in case they have matched pairs.

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