Aviva vs Allae

Can anybody compare and contrast these speakers? strengths, weaknesses, preferences, etc.???

I own Allaes and have tried the Ariva in this room.

The former are fast and involving and from what I read here appear to be used from the most modest Naim sets to ones that feature a NAP300DR. The designers have taken great pains to ensure that the output of tweeters and woofers are independent of each other. The speakers may also be used active.

Arivas seem to be more entry level and would only boom in my room, irrespective of where they were placed. I imagine they would fill a big space well though.

Hope that helps.

Had Arivas, good speakers lots of fun typical Naim sound. I now have Allaes and they are a completely different league, totally brilliant.

Excellent summary post by Richard Dane about Arivas here: What is your power cord?

@Naimgeek What happened next?

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