AVM Inspiration CS 2.3

hi there!

Thinking to go back to ALL IN ONE solution (miss the ATOM unless the Luxman SQ150N is a good match for my sold Heresy III).

Heard bout this beautiful all-in-one and wondering how does it compares with Atom or Nova. Concerning speakers like Larsen 4 or 6; or again Heresy III/Forte III.

Thanks for your time!

Greetings from still hot South Spain.

Also Larsen speakers

Of course I cannot comment on how AVM will match with your speakers, but I have tried the AVM V30 preamp and in my setup it sounded on the bright side and a bit flat. The Naim Atom brought more body to the sound which I would not like to compromise on anymore. Personally I would consider the Nova being in a similar price range (which is an assumption).


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