Avoiding two music file libraries

There are plenty of ways to convert your music files to a different format, but I’m not sure that you need to. If they are currently in an Apple friendly format, that should work fine with Minimserver and a Naim streamer.

Yes thanks Chris, I’m not planning on going away from the original suggestion but in case I do encounter issues and I have forked out for a nas/hd I will have a few other options, now that I better understand how this all works.

I’m still a vinyl and CD person, but love access to internet stations and convenience of streaming.

Hi, the reason I suggest keeping the NAS music in the same format as your iTunes library is that you can use an automatic backup from computer to NAS to ensure that they are both complete. If you want a copy in a different format, you probably need to make a converted copy every time you add more music, which means more faffing about on a computer. Something I like to keep to a minimum wherever possible.


iPod docks in the cars, iPhone/iwatch/earpods for mobile use

Chris, yes I see, I will be keeping it as simple as possible. I have a time capsule for back purposes so the nas is just so I don’t need to start the computer to stream my digital music library.

Here’s a tip. I append any HiRes or DSD files. -HR. As such: Abbey Road-HR In a file on NAS called HiRes

Hi Rick, thanks for reply. Why do you need to put Hi Rez files in a separate folder? Aren’t they already in their own album folder? I already name Hi Rez albums with the suffix ‘HD’ if I have 16 bit and Hi Rez versions.

I do it only because I also have a Sonos system that can’t play HR files. And it helps me keep track of what’s what.

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