Axpona ‘23

It’s that time of year again Axpona 2023.

I had the chance to attend the opening mixed last night. And of course the Focal/Naim room was the first stop I made.


Did you find out which boxes they were using? Maybe two power supplies, or biamped 250s?

How was the playback? Seems like a serious pair of Focal’s running off of that. What was the fourth box for? Two 250’s?

One PSU, biamped 250’s, one 250 for HF and one for the woofers. Sounding quite decent.



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Thanks for sharing.

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I will be there all day tomorrow…

Home from the show.
The new Classic boxes looked nice. Demo was a bit uninspired.
Using 2 X 250’s bi amping the bigger Focals…hmmmm.
The whole Focal room just looked tired imo. Comparing in-wall Focal set up with 2 channel stack left me cold. I hope this is due to the new range just trickling out now. Better room arrangement and a focus on the new range with perhaps a digital vs vinyl source would be nice .
The Linn room entertained as did the Aavik demo.
Well attended show with some other really nice rooms-happy I spent the day.


@varyat Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope to make it to a hifi show one day!

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Was able to get a couple photos while there. Some nice set-ups across the board.


Gosh some of those loudspeakers just look absurd. And that monstrosity of a record player!

You mean the Linn in the second photo? :wink:

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How as the Vivid speakers ?

The Estelon towers driven by Vitus were amazing… I believe the system cost was $1.2M so you get the idea :wink:

I didn’t like what I heard but it could have been bad luck with the music they were playing at the moment. I heard two songs of the same record played on the Kronos/Lupe combo and one on the Tambaqui. To my surprise there was just too much high frequency energy making it sound unbalanced. I had high hopes because GTT room was my favorite last year with the YG Peaks and the Audionet Humboldt.

They don’t look absurd. They were just saved from a room fire some hours before.


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