Azur 851 and Naim dac v1

Is it possible to connect the dac v1 dac to the Azur 851n streamer to take advantage of the superior Naim dac… The Azur currently plugs into an integrated amp…

It has spdif output so i guess yes.

So you could use azur streaming front end send it to dac v2 via coax … then from dac v1 to preamp??



Depending on your setup, the dac v1 is also the preamp, just add your “nap” of choice.

Thats interesting never knew that!.. my brother currently has an Azur streamer and he was talking about upgrading…and I thought a good secondhand Dac V1 would be excellent connected via coaxial…I think he likes the menu and colour screen etc … so the Dac V1 should slip in just dandy… + can be upgraded with 555ps etc,

The Naim DAC can be upgraded with 555PS etc.

The DAC V1 is the shoebox sized box that is a DAC/Preamp

Agh ok cheers

Both will work fine with the Azur though, but have different capabilities.

I think the naim dac would be better for him … looks ideal…

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