B & W 800 D4 series

Looking around the Internet I came across a US site, Audio Science Review, headed B&W 800D4 series. Shows prices in US dollers. Its not a review but has basic information on the new range. Looks more evolution than revolution.
Time will tell.

Seems to have leaked.


Nice to see a tasteful (to my eyes) wood finish making a return to the range, as seen on the 801s and 805s in that picture. A shame that the midrange drivers are staying that very dull shade of grey which, quite apart from the price, really puts me off.

Still, if this pushes the price of ten-year old Diamonds down to within my comfortable reach, I won’t be complaining!


Here are some leaks in addition to the above. I’m personally auditioning the 805 d4 next Friday.


Enjoy the demo. Please report back on your views afterwards. Any more info would be helpful.
I get the feeling the change from the D3 series is not a major step up. Shouldn’t judge without using my ears though.

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Interesting wonder how you’ll find the 805 D4 in comparison to the 805 D3 (will the dem include that?)

The tweeter housing is certainly extended - unless the casing itself has been shortened in depth.

Looking forward to reading what you think!


No 800 in the range though? …maybe a simplification of the nomenclature, or room for one more on top…

There is an 801 which wasn’t present in the previous generation, surprising renumbering although it does remove the feeling that there was a speaker they’d forgotten to launch.

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Ah yes - that’s true - more likely they’re clearing up that anomaly.

I had the 800D3 for a few years - did like them, but don’t think they ever hit the heights of the Kudos I have now. I loved the look of them mind you - but I can understand why lots of studios use them. Super accurate sound, to the point of being just a little characterless.

Maybe a very spécial 800 is the surprise
802 d3 are very good with naim série 500 especially with 300 and 500 dr
Wood is back but the head is grey ? Black is more beautifull

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800 D4 Announcement

What an increase in price. I’ll post back my findings after my demo this Friday- the 805 only though.


The 805 at over £7,000 with stands is expensive but does look rather lovely.

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My 802 D3s now cost 30% more in D4 guise. The D3 series introduced in 2015.


Indeed. Quite happy I bagged the outgoing model for much less. May not be bling etc. but money well spent (hopefully!)

So expensive

I will audition but I’m not in the market at these prices

Could not agree more.

The beautiful 803 in rosenut. They have now a finish in leather, alla Sonus Faber.

Very, very nice in my opinion. I could buy with my eyes, not my ears. Unfortunately decisions are made by wallet and wife.

Officially presented on August 25th, looking forward to the first reviews.


802 D4 in white

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New 805D4s look impressive, but pricey. My 805D3s are not going anywhere and sounding brilliant with my new 300DR!