B & W 800 D4 series

A few more interesting videos appearing on the tube about what has been improved inc the how’s and why’s…I’ve always been a fan ever since inheriting my Uncle’s B&W DM110’s when he passed way too young from cancer.

Still have their lower end stuff - 601S2 and CM4 CMC doing home cinema duties up in our den but jumped in with Naim and N805S’s some 16 years ago…finally got to 804D3 in 2019, along with current pre/power and XPS2 DR upgrades.

So naturally it’s the 804D4 I’m comparing and it looks to have had the most tweaks - reverse wrap cabinet (along with the 805 to match the whole series, except centre’s obv.) Doing so incorporates the rear metal bracing / crossover mount / heat sink, plus now downward firing cabinet (no more tickly shins when driving then hard…lol), elongated tweater tube too and the new design of suspension for mid driver…all interesting stuff but as has been mentioned, some price hike too!!

I’m glad I got in when I did, others may get lucky ex dem D3’s as dealers make way…I for one am still a very happy chappy but it’s always interesting to see them push themselves to improve.

I look forward to the full reviews.

I am on my third generation of the 802s and have the outgoing D3. Each re-vamp increased all the desirable aspects of their performance. The D3 being the most significant I think. Some see B & W as a Marmite product. Each to his own! Hi-Fi is a broad church.
Talking of product development some see the Mk1 Golf as the best.
As a possible defence of D4 pricing I see the price of wooden garden furniture has increased signficantly.Plenty of wood in most loudspeakers.
Just received my September copy of Hi-Fi News. No mention of B &Ws latest or the Solstice from Naim which we all know came out in June.

B&W just sent out an email detailing their new D4 range.

Looks good and hopefully sounds so but they come at a price!


Yes they indeed do. Today was the launch and they did a short interview with the guys at Abbey Road Studios. I wish we could have had the chance to attend a physical launch, more so as I live on the same street!

As a quick update from the above, the D4s are delayed to my dealer so haven’t had the chance to audition it. Was told next week as they’re expected to arrive late this week in-store.

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Thanks for the update.
I am checking with my dealer as I am also waiting for a Solstice dem but in the meantime my D2s and LP12 still sound mighty fine to me :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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Just reading an absolutely stellar review of the 801 D4 in HFN - 92% on sound quality

I had the 800 D3s for a few years - ultimately upgrading to the Kudos 808s - but this review has made me think I might go and listen to the 801 D4’s - as everything I grew to be dissatisfied by in the D3’s seems to have been addressed. Sounds like they are both analytical, but also musical.

Any users of the previous generations had a chance to hear any of the new range yet?

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I would be really interested in your findings if you ever get to compare Kudos 808s with B&W802D4s.



This is where it gets tricky doesn’t it - finding a dealer that does Naim, and also Kudos (and has 808s) and B&W (and has 801 D4)

Maybe a trip to York…!?!

Or Headingley?

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Blimey - are they still there? …I’ve not been for years - were always good, and Bill is a nice chap.

My original HiFi epiphany was there - LP12, Ittok, Troika, LK1, LK2, Saras - have never, and can never forget it.

It was always them - and then Image HiFi - aiming for different markets, at other ends of the same little suburb of Leeds.

I live in London now, but my mum is still in Leeds, so it’s possible… :blush:

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I wouldn’t be rushing up, Bill retired in 2019 and Image Hifi closed years ago, The Sound Org in York now stock Kudos

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Ah - I knew Image had gone years and years ago - but didn’t know Bill had retired, I’d actually assumed AP had gone some years ago too, but just because I never heard them mentioned.

I know Hamish and David really well - they were my dealer when I lived up there.

Audio Projects stopped been a Naim dealer in the 90s and just did mostly Linn until he retired. I was in the Sound Org a few weeks ago, to have a demo of the Kudos 707s very impressive. I would love to listen to the new 803s but David told me the need to away from the wall and my rooms just not big enough

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Andrew Oliver, who runs the Audio Republic, is immensely knowledgeable and helpful.

Best regards,

Ian K.


My medium sized room has a pair 802D3s driven by a 500DR. I have had their previous models and they had problems with too much bass. Absolutly none with the current D3s.
In the HFN review the 801s were pulled out into the room “so mighty was the bass”.
This makes me ponder on how the 802D4s might perform in my room. Food for thought.

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I’ve realised he pops up on the fishy place from time to time as @stereobill - not on here though it would seem


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Ah - I bought an ex dem 300 from them once - and Chester is a nice place for a bit of a mooch :blush:

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Since Pete and Ross took over they offer a very obliging service. I have a home dem of the 808’s booked in for this coming Thursday

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When I tested the 805D3 I found it was a speaker that needed plenty of power to make it come alive…so in a way it is a smallish speaker that is good for biggish rooms… I hope they have addressed this with the D4…and given it a sweeter spot at a lower volume.