B&W 805 D3 - subwoofer?

I’ve just brought home a pair of the 805 D3 speakers, on a home loan/demo from my dealer.

I have a subwoofer here already - KEF KC62 - as part of my surround set up, so I can try it for myself, but first I’m going to acclimatise to the B&W speakers as they are for a week or so, before the sub.

Out of interest does anyone use a sub with these speakers?

Yep…I have an inexpensive Cambridge Minx sub that I bought ‘just to see’.

Works very well for certain recordings - classical especially, and older records. Brings out bass drums very nicely. Aside from that, I find most modern albums and/or remasterings of my older records are pretty bass- heavy but for stuff like The Cult’s original Love release the sub adds a bottom end that I always found a bit lacking.

I am tempted to try a more expensive sub (eyes on that KEF!), but that’s not really viable cashwise at the mo.

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I heard the 805 D3s at the Bristol Show a few years ago on the end of a Chord M Scaler and pre/power amplifier, and remember being extremely impressed with their bass performance - it went extremely low for a speaker of its size. That said, they are standmounts, and the laws of physics still apply - I’d say give it a go, but maybe not an essential addition.

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