B&W speakers locally for sale

Which model is this??


Front loading.

I would put it in the Best Jokes thread instead of starting a new one.


I presume the bass box cleverly disguised as a washing machine is intended to make it easier to get past the home style police. Presumably the other of the left-right pair is disguised as a tumble drier. Just one problem: I’m not sure how you explain having extra (spare?) laundry equipment in the lounge?

They’re the rare 801H model (H standing for Hotpoint). Great bass, mainly due to the rotating water-filled woofer design which, sadly, never caught on.


I needed this today, thanks :-:blush:

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They’re purely for heavy metal fans.

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Where are the vibrapods?

Surely it’s the 801E?

These are proper B&W speakers from the early 70s. I had a pair of these, but they are long gone now.



As I recall Hotpoint used to have a range marketed as ‘Blue Diamond’ - must have related to the tweeter. Sounded great on the spin cycle.

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