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Hello guys, back again with a quick update, last post mentioned things was on hold due to a not nice medical diagnosis and surgery, well I’m still alive and kicking, while in hospital I managed to source a late cdx to go with the 72/180 and just about to complete the olive series with a hi cap, all that’s major left is the speakers, I intend to find a pair of pmc gb1i to complete the set up, this might have to wait a further few weeks until I can drive again, will keep you updated, once again thank you for your help and support on what feels like a very long journey, regards Neil.


Glad you are back and kicking, and still have that music bug😉

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Hi never lost the bug life just got in the way, hence my wish to rebuild the system that gave me hours of pleasure 20+ years ago, one thing I think I have learned with age is be satisfied with what you have, regards Neil.


Give it a service and intend to outlive it!

Planning upgrades from hospital, I think Richard should award some extra special Forum status for that :wink:


Hi absolutely intent to, cdx been to naim in early 21 for a repair, clean bill of heath hi cap serviced 5 years ago and as soon as I can get back behind wheel will take amps to Sheffield for service, so things seem to be back on track, regards Neil.

Hi couldn’t wait any longer , I did say I would not put system together until I had sourced all the complete system, well I weakened and fired it up with a budget pair of speakers until I find the last part which is the pmc gb1 speakers, it has totally blown my socks off,even like this quality sound the like of which has been missing from this house for over 20 years, can’t wait for the final set up and service for the 72/180, what a fool for getting rid of the original system. Will keep you posted if I can stop smiling. Regards Neil.

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I’m surprised you waited this long :joy:
Love my 72/180 into GB1s and wouldn’t change them. Unless I go 250 :thinking:

You go man !!!


Hi things are going ok again, just purchased a lp12 with asak and tick tock arm, haven’t received it yet but looking forward to it, would anybody know of anybody around the Dn40 postcode who can set it up, the tone arm is been removed for transit, thanks again for your Stirling help and advice which has helped tremendously during this journey.


Hello again, boy I didn’t remember how complicated building a system was or still is, got the linn deck in good condition but apparently it needs a service and a few recommended updates, plus I need the mc cards for the 72, what’s worse is I had got rid of all my vinyl so buying again. I’m sure it will be worth it and eventually will be able to just chill with a beer. Regards Neil.

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