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I suspect RvL (OP) will confirm it’s not the NAT05 that was the problem, but the lack of quality FM in Holland ( for most of EU for that matter). Its all gone DAB (DAB+)

Yes… that is exactly the reason @Mike-B :slight_smile:

The cable networks here are dropping FM rapidly in favour of DAB+. That’s truly unlistenable. I used the the NAT05 with a Magnum Dynalab antenna too. That worked fine but the reception and SQ was always a bit shaky and (to my surprise) not better than cable.

Where I am, internet radio on the ND5 XS2 is way better than FM on the NAT05 ever was. Even with half decent 192kbit/s streams. So I’m really happy with this upgrade. At the end of the day, hour for hour, radio is still my most used source.


Welcome back. :+1:

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