Back-up on Uniti Core does not start

DAvid, I eventually tried another cable and another source and determined that the Digital 1 entry on the NDS is out of order. Cable is ok. Uniti Core is ok. Digital 2 on NDS is ok. Either I get a good BNC/RCA spdif cable and live further with digital 2 or I get it repaired. Any idea whether any source is best between digital 1 BNC, digital 2 RCA or Ethernet. I would guess Number 1 has been favoured by the designers…

Well done tracking the problem down.

Naim say that the BNC input is higher sound quality than RCA. Whether you would actually notice a difference is a moot point and I suspect that if you took a group of forum members, some would and some wouldn’t.

Equally there is no agreement whether sp/dif is better or worse than ethernet between a Core and an NDS. But I think most people would agree that the sound quality using upnp over ethernet is either the same as, or different from, but as good as, sp/dif.

If it were me I would be using ethernet and I’d forget about the broken digital 1 input. But anyway any option is going to sound great.



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