Background power usage

The previous thread is now closed so an update here. I have just had a new extension added to our smart meter that enables real time usage to be seen. So a quick play of turning things of and working out annual usage gives the following.
Background necessity of fridge and freezer and network connection gives annual cost of 505 Euro.
add in the Lounge HiFi Naim kit permanently on standby gives 704 Euro.
Add in the Study HiFi Naim kit permanently on gives 794 Euro
Add in the HiFi TV room Naim and Denon kit gives 921 Euro
So leaving the HiFi kit on 24 hours per day and 365 days per year adds 416 Euro to our energy bill pa.

Incidentally if you leave a tower PC on permanently that adds 126 Euro per year.


wow. I did a wattmeter evaluation of 1hr on each device a year or so back. Our energy costs are dufferent but our large fridge was about $120/year wheras the PC rig with monitors was $1000. Both are very low power (fridge was 12w but PC rig was about 100w (for 4 computers) with a 50w dual monitor overhead.

But nothing was even close to air conditioning and heating costs. They made up 80% of the bill.

I haven’t dared turn the electric heating on. Come the winter we shall see what happens (or should that be watt). :grinning:


Scary isn’t it. I don’t remember ever being worried about heating/cooling the home but over the past two years the energy and food bills have kept me up at night.

I know as a new normal it can be argued a good thing to shake people out of wasteful habits but if it is this excruciating for me I feel real worry about those with less financial headroom.


Obviously it depends on what your system consists of and what you’re paying per kWh, but the measurements I posted last year had my whole system at 29W quiescent. This would add up to about 250 kWh over a year which, assuming a cost of 30p per kWh, gives 76 GBP or about 90 EUR for a year.


Taking a snapshot of fridge and freezer energy consumption can’t really be extrapolated accurately.

Power usage wil be a lot higher in the day when people are opening and closing the door. Presumably usage will be higher in the summer due to higher ambient temperature.

Of course, but I don’t have the patience to follow the wife around as she opens the fridge doors, or adjust the internal house temperature by opening the windows. A snapshot will be sufficient for me.

On current rates my HiFi is costing £200 per year (67watts). I console myself with this cost as follows;

  • It’s a cost worth paying for the musical joy it gives
  • My solar panel probably reduce this by half, particularly in the summer
  • In the winter, the additional heat it offers keeps the chill off the room, so not fully wasted

It’s good to know the figures though. My old iMac screen used to use 200Watts, but a recent change to a Mac mini has reduced this down to 50Watts, so always worth checking old gear, and consider newer more energy efficient gear.


I think that is about right. Using your 29w gives a cost here of 52 Euro per year.

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