Backup of Uniti serve


this may be a long one so apologies.
I am trying to setup a backup of the music on Uniti serve.

I am trying to back up to a Drobo5N
I have created a share drobo5b\Backup on the drobo
From the web interface the uniti serve can see the share and its status is enabled.
the drive is accessible from both local a mac and Windows 10 PC
once again from the wed interface I click on “Add New Music Backup”
And I have ensured that the folder is empty
The Uniti serve then says “there are no shares currently available” +
“please ensure that the share yiu wish to convert to a musicbackup is online”

I wondered if it was security so I created another folder and gave it a username and password and you can see that when the uniti searches for shares I have then setup the user and password to allow access with out success .

I have tried writing a test document to these shares with out issue.

I originally also tried using the N-serve app from the MAC, without success.

Am I missing something simple here.

Anyone any thoughts please?

Have you given the new share (the one you intend to use as a backup) full read/write access to any user?

Yes there are read \ write rights for everyone to the folder. I have written a file to the folder just to make sure ( which I later removed)

Have a look at page 13 of the US manual and see if you’ve completed all the steps there…

Adam’s the expert here, but don’t you have to make sure the folder is completely empty, including not even having an empty waste bin in the folder?

Yes - it has to be completely empty; designated as a network share and only then ‘promoted’ to a ‘backup’

I’ve just re-read the OP’s original post.
Try assigning the backup via the web interface, not via the nServe - should be easier.

The best way to ensure the folder is really empty is to delete it and create a new one. There are often hidden files in folders which have seen any activity.

Agreed, the browser interface us the place to set this up. Access it by typing the Unitiserve IP address into a browser

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All the original operations where done via web interface.
Folders were barren at first setup, only tried to write a file to them to confirm after initial failure that they were writable. deleted the files after, though I cant say I emptied the recycle bin, as not sure how on the Drobo, will look next time I have access.
Can someone post a link to the american manual so I can see the backup routine mentioned.
I will create a new folder for further tests, which raises a question does the folder have to be called anything specific?
Thanks for your comments

This will be enough to make the folder appear not to be empty to the Unitiserve.

The Unitiserve web page still has the manual and other downloads available.

Thanks for the link.

I should say I have been asked to look at this as from a computer \network issue.


Still havent seen this setup due to work pressures.

But spoke to someone from the NAS compant ( DRobo)

They wondered if it may be thge size of the share ,.

Does anyone know if there is a limit to the size that the Uniti can see?

the Droboi has about 8tb free IIRC and the share can access this.

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