Bad day in the office

Today was a pretty bad “day in the office”. This poor boy was killed 20 m from where we are building a new traffic signal pedestrian crossing as part of the Kamo Shared Path project. You can see the yellow traffic signal posts in the background and the new crossing is opening in August. I’ve been Project Managing this project for the last two years to improve safety for our school children. It’s always the worst of things to loose one that we do our work for.

What a tragedy Mike. I feel for you and the boy, his parents and his friends.

Your crossing will help to prevent further events like this.



Thanks Don, the right way to look at it. Afterwards I drove through another crossing we built last year and it was full of school children safely crossing at traffic lights.

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Thats tragic Mike the parents, school friends and family must be devastated, but as Don says keep positive and keep up the good work. Our lollipop men and ladies do a great job in the UK helping the kids cross safely.

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Tragic - hope that support is available for all involved and saw the incident.

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