Bad luck with Naim unity atom

I bought a Naim Uniti Atom in beginning of December last year. I really enjoyed the sound, and the form factor. After a couple of weeks i tried my new Hifi Man Sundara headphones. After some listening the right headphone channel disappeared. There’s nothing wrong with the headphones. I listen on them daily via my Chord Poly/Mojo setup. One week after Christmas I received a new Atom from my dealer, I tried my headphones and the right headphone channel disappeared.
Today I received my third Atom from my Hifi dealer. The delivery was delayed because Naim was short of displays. I connected my Atom and the display was broken…
I feel that I had enough.

Hmmn…probably where i would come out on this poor quality. @Naim.Marketing can you help?


@JohanKj So sorry you’ve had this experience. Is it OK to contact you directly? Let me know and i’ll get @Richard.Dane to act as intermediary. Want to make sure this is fully escalated.

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Johan, I have messaged you.


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